Medullas are fictional interdimensional monsters published in Kratos' Generation Comics. They are cybernetic clones of Cortex the Abomination that were created by The Followers of Qo'doo to be unstoppable monsters meant to take over Kratos and Gorsgan. Because Cortex wouldn't obey Corlust the Disintegrator, Qo'doo had brain implants on them to ensure they obey him and no one else. Like their clone host, the Medullas are blind creatures that use sonar and smell to see. They use sonar to make a picture of their environment, and they smell the adrenaline of their victims. They can pretty much see everything since any Gorsgothan who sees them gets frightened. They can't see their target when they are brave and fearless, but they can use the environment to get a shock from them. They are intelligent creatures, but they can't talk like their clone host can. Luckily, thanks to the accomplishments of Amanda Alkaline and Anthony Alkaline, the two worlds are saved, and while Corlust was imprisoned and all the Medullas are destroyed, Qo'doo still plots revenge. Their powers included possession, energetic manipulation, energetic shapeshifting, sublimation, and ghosting powers.


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