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is Pocahontas' pet raccoon who is friendly to John Smith from Disney's 1995 film Pocahontas and its sequel. He loves food, even John Smith's flat biscuits.


Meeko is a raccoon, and one of Pocahontas' animal friends. He is sly and rather greedy, and loves to take food from anybody. He is usually seen with either Flit or Percy. Flit finds him annoying, as does Percy.



In the first film Meeko is first introduced in the same scene as Pocahontas and her friend Nakoma were playing. He then acts as a sort of Sidekick to Pocahontas for the rest of the film. During the film Meeko engages in comical chase scenes with Percy. Later in the film the two become close friends.

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New WorldEdit

In the sequel to the original film Meeko appears yet again now shown to be best friends with Percy and tags along with Pocahontas as she goes to England. He also gets violently seasick and, despite trying to hold down his lunch, barfs in front of Pocahontas.

House of MouseEdit

In the animated series House of Mouse, Meeko makes numerous cameo appearances. In the opening theme, Meeko is seen on top of Goofy's plate, eating the food on it. Meeko is also seen stealing Pocahontas's dinner while she's clapping for Mickey Mouse in the premiere episode.

Role in the series

Meeko reprises his role from the two films above. After Ratcliffe is defeated and Pocahontas is kept safe from the Villain League who wanted to capture her for her role as one of the 14 Princesses of Light, Meeko joins the Shell Louge Squad, though Shen questions any usefullness of the Ratcoon, and Sir Hiss is rather fearful because of an irrational fear of raccoons and untrue ideals that Meeko "Eats snakes.", though Meeko is a more vegitarian Ratcoon.

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