Mega-Sci Corp Logo

Mega-Sci Corp Logo

The Mega-Sciences Corporation, nicknamed "Mega-Sci Corp", is a universe-wide business organization that specializes in many scientific technologies, and was founded by Aldrich Newkirk on the planet Businecaden, the business capital of the UUniverses and the heart of the majority of it's larger corporations, and currently run by his descendant, Ulrich Newkirk. It had grown in business and has been around for 76 years perfecting several kinds of technologies such as genetic, robotic, and chemical experiments, and had spread all across the UUniverses, including several facilities and a primary base in the Dragon Realms, though why make a primary base to a world that is not the founding world is debatable. However, Mega-Sci Corp has been known to make, controversial decisions, which only got worse when a local genius from the Dragon Realms named Dr. Marz soon came into owning the company. He had the company do a ton of ethically-questionable and morally-objectional science projects, including but not limited to, a project to make animals unusually flat, with no clear explanation as to why it was made, but it was assumed that Marz wanted to test the physical possibilities of body-altering, and even secretly dragging in criminals into dangerous mutagen or mutation-based experiments. Though the most infamous of his experimental conspiracies was his attempt to unveil carnivorous locusts against unsentient pests and ignoring the warnings of his employees and an infamous science fiction movie that talked about meat-eating locusts. He was luckily stopped by the Shell Lodgers when they were trying to help Xenon. Marz was fired from his position and Xenon's girlfriend Kate Jenkins was made the new owner, and Xenon also joined to find a secondary life-calling outside of being a vigilante hero like the Lodgers and became co-owner. With these two running the company, all still-active controversial experiments were shut down and locked away, along with poorly placed-away, forgotten, and failed experiments, and they would eventually move on to make the company much better.


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Prime Locations

  • MSC HQ- Busincaden- This is the founding area of the company itself, and it is where all superiors including the President and CEO, reside in and watch over the company.
  • MSC Funding Station- Costacus- This is where the company's budget and money supply comes from. It helps the company pay for their experiments, and has trade routes across the UUniverses.
  • MSC Testing Facility- Eulogy- This is the company's main area for testing out their experiments when they were ready. Those that were successful were marketed. Those that failed were worked on. Those that failed far too many times were taken to the MSC Space Disposal Station to be disposed of.
  • MSC Weapons Facility- Eulogy- This is where the company stored weapons that could be useful for the UUniverses. This could spell danger for thieves, so the facility was guarded by security guards and robot soldiers.
  • MSC Space Disposal StationPlanet BLF- A space station which is where constantly-failed experiments, unwanted waste and materials were disposed of through scientifically breaking down and recycling. The station is placed on an Arizona Desert planet nicknamed Planet BLF, Best Left Forgotten, of which Mega-Sci Corp adopted as the final resting place for the mistakes and sins of Mega-Sci Corps' past.
  • MSC Distribution Center- Accord- This is where products produced by MSC are distributed across the UUniverses. It has uptight security, about a thousand trade routes across the UUniverses, and has about a hundred-thousand cargo freighters for transport.
  • MSC Genetics Centre- Odyssey- This is a station where the company's Genetics Division is lead. They specialize in several genetic and biological experiments which were useful for the UUniverses. There were also farms for domesticating the native creatures for meat, milk, and eggs, all of which are rarely distributed.
  • MSC Robotics Centre- Eulogy- This is a station where the company's Robotics Division is lead. They specialize in several robotic and prosthetic experiments which were useful for the UUniverses.

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Major Members

  • Ulrich Newkirk- The current chimpazee president of Mega-Sci Corp, and the descendant of it's founder, Aldrich Newkirk, situated on Businecaden.
  • Chairman Funderburk- The head mandrill chairman who works for the funding station on Planet Costacus and helps pay for all the experiments that go on in Mega-Sci Corp.
  • Chief Distributor Wexler- The Roloway monkey chief distributor and owner of all distribution centers across the UUniverses, headquartered on Planet Accord.
  • Chief Roboticist Mechner- The Red-shanked douc head of robotics for the Robotics Centre on Planet Eulogy.
  • Chief Designer Herzog- The Sun-tailed monkey head of weapon designs for the Weapons Facility and Factories on Planet Eulogy.
  • Chief Biologist McGuffins- The Tonkin snub-nosed monkey head of genetics and biology for the Genetics Centre on Planet Odyssey.
  • Chief Test Officer Staebler- The ring-tailed lemur head of the testing facility of Planet Eulogy.
  • Dr. Marz (Formerly)- The former ram supervisor of Mega-Sci Corp in the Dragon Realms and creator of all Mega-Sci Corp's controversial experiments.
  • Blake Hoskins- The iguana mutant co-supervisor of Mega-Sci Corp in the Dragon Realms.
  • Kate Jenkins- The gazelle co-supervisor of Mega-Sci Corp in the Dragon Realms.
  • Lesley- A Canadian goose who's head sciencetist and skilled in all departments of science.

Minor/Independent Members

  • Doctor Pixner- A yellow-cheeked gibbon who works on video game consoles and computers. He not only claims to have competed in The Grid one time, but he also has a pet Digimon.
  • Doctor Erxleben- A lion travelling scientist who operates a mobile space station called the Eye of the Lion, running a high-tech lab for studying aliens across the UUniverses with permission from the Galactic Federation.
  • Doc Bramble- An eland who runs all the dinosaur meat processing across the UUniverses on Planet Odyssey and other unsentient dinosaur worlds.
  • Professor Joule- A mole scientist of a personal Mega-Sci Corp facility in Dragon Realms Maine.
  • Lanceford- A monkey from the Dragon Realms Banana Savannah who owns a facility there for research on agriculture, especially for his banana farm, developing special herbs and spices and doing hybrid farming.
  • Dr. Crozz Eyez- A chameleon geneticist and owner of a personal Mega-Sci Corp facility on Planet Odyssey.
  • Doc Eysler- A Balearic green frog from Dragon Realms Italy who specializes in medical technologies, hoping to create cures for many ailments across the UUniverses.
  • Doctor Gentry- A sand cat scientist who develops handy inventions in his personal Mega-Sci Corp facility on Planet Accord. He was previously working for another company until frozen by one of his inventions for a long time and began working for Mega-Sci Corp.
  • Doc Vollrath- A jaguar scientist who develops cybernetic technology, vehicles, robots, and computers at a personal facility on Planet Accord.

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MSC created several products for UUniversal use. They mainly create updated versions of household products, and often do technological products. Though they are a commercial success, they are rarely seen in society, and are mostly seen in future-age worlds. Some of these products include:

  • Battery-Powered Hovercar- A battery-powered car for kids which glides across the ground. These toys use wet cells and hardly use that much energy, storing enough that will lat about 6 months. They come in various designs depending upon other merchandise.
  • Hovering ATV- An ATV for adolescents which glides across the ground. They are just as maneuverable as a regular ATV, and can come in various patterns.
  • Pad-Books- Books that have iPad-like screens inside. These pads can either tell a story or come with games. Though they require daily charging.
  • Comstrap- A wearable iPhone-like device which can be worn as an armlet, and comes with a built-in touch screen which has all the functions of the common iPhone. They too require charging, yet can last for over a week without it.
  • GlassPad (Glasp)- An iPhone-like device made of durable glass which can scan objects seen through the glass, and serve as a digital camera, and an Internet-connected wireless device.
  • Cartoonator- A virtual reality toy which a kid uses to enter a cartoon world. Though it can be dangerous to use this since the person testing it was lobotomized for using the device too long. Therefore the device recharges after 2 hours of use.
  • Gyrocycle- A bike that has a wheel that goes around the seat. It comes in various models, and it can often be difficult to operate.
  • Spherocycle- Another bike model which has a transparent ball for a wheel. This is from the same division as the Gyrocycle, and it is specially-built and agile vehicle which is not as difficult to operate as the Gyrocycle. It also comes in various models and patterns.
  • Hovercycle- Another bike model for adolescents which glides across the ground. It also comes from the same division as the other two bike models. It is an agile vehicle which can often be dangerous depending upon the model and type of thrusters.
  • HoloGames- Games or board games that use holograms and electronics. There are various types, including those that are similar to normal board games.
  • RoboGames- Games or board games that are created by the same division as HoloGames, using robots and electronics. These games vary in design, and can often be similar to known board games like the HoloGames.
  • Gravpack- A wearable strap that allows limited and rechargeable 30-second flight. They come in various models, and also have safety measures included such as cushioned boots for safe landing, knee-straps, lights, and a helmet with smart-lenses.
  • Glidepack- A wearable pack that came from the same division as the Gravpack, which has propeller-fitted glider wings for skimming across the sky. They come in various models and patterns, and the wings were retractable for easier landing.
  • Hydropack- A wearable strap which also came from the same division as the Gravpack. They came with propellers for faster underwater swimming. They came in various models and came with a suit that was specially-designed to resist the push of water, and came with flippers.
  • Teev-Table- A table which has a built-in television system. This was the start of MSC's revolutionary legacy in making furniture. It came in various models, shapes, colors, and sometimes came with more TVs than one.
  • Photo-Table- A table which came from the same division as the Teev-Table which, instead of a TV system, had a built-in lamp. It came in various models, colors and often came with more lamps than one.
  • PadTable- A table which also functions as a computer interfact like an iPhone. These devices are rarely sold across certain worlds, yet are very popular on advanced worlds. They come in various kinds of models.
  • Magnascreen- An iPhone-like device which can allow people to watch movies, play video games, and stream the Internet on the refrigerator. It is controlled through a small portable device with a keyboard and a touchpad.
  • Comp-Desk- A desk and chair with a built-in computer. This is an invention that is very useful in schools and homes, and can easily have childblocks to prevent anything personal from occurring.
  • Portalamp- A lamp which can be removed from it's stand and can be a mobile light source. They are also chargeable and can last for over a full year before recharging.
  • Smart Contact Lens- A small contact lens that can easily allow the wearer to analyze things and see in different spectrums. It is powered by a liquid battery that can be recharged when soaked for a certain amount of time, and the materials used are made of programmable matter and nanites.
  • Eyecomp- A compact computer that can be managed with the mind and worn like glasses. They came in various models and patterns, and came with Wi-Fi. The mother machinery went across the back of the head.
  • Peripherlenses- A pair of glasses which can allow the wearer to detect motion in a field of vision beyond the normal limit of 180 degrees. It is often used by bikers to warn of approaching vehicles when riding in cities.
  • CC Piggy Bank- A high-tech piggy bank which can transfer privately-stored money to a credit card. It was an excellent invention and was a huge success in the banking community.
  • Slideboard- A board which glided across land and water like a hovercraft. They were not easy to skate on even for experts. It usually took great training for perfect use.
  • Two-Wheel Board- A skateboard with two wheels on either side for trickier skills. They are much more creative designs than those of certain other known types. There are various types of models of this device and they came in different colors.
  • HyperCam- A camera which can take pictures in UV, infrared, and night-vision. The camera came with a carousel with 4 lenses for each kind of vision. This device was very useful in investigations and other uses.
  • Genesis Fruits- Genetically-engineered fruits which have blended tastes. They were created through gene farms across the UUniverses, and were incredibly organic.
  • Genesis Bestiary- A series of genetically-engineered yet strictly-prohibited animals that are only available for military and security.
  • Lifegiver Pot- A high-tech pot which is designed to determine the health of the plants inside it on a variety of factors, and allow you to take care of them through several factors.
  • Self-Defense Pistol- A non-lethal gun that paralyzes people through electronic ion shots, meant for self-defense. They are only permitted for adults who need to defend themselves. It is a much less-painful version of pepper spray.
  • Holo-Costume- A costume for holidays that can instantly allow customization of appearance. They work through data cards that could be inserted in a slot in the suit. Data cards are sold in the market.
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