Melfhact Lah Tmong is an Alternate UUniversal Jeuxan from Planet Azathoth. The son of a mage, he grew up as his apprentice learning the ways of magic. He had hoped to be as great as his father, and wanted to be very powerful. But he asked too much from his father, and was told countless times that he was not ready for any of what he asked for. He grew bitter as the result of waiting far too long, and was caught sneaking into the mage's quarters for what he wanted. Punishment after punishment later, he had finally had enough and turned to outside help, as he made a deal with a witch that would give him the power he needed. He was given a serum that would increase his experience and power, yet it takes his true potential away in return, both figuratively and literally. He has since overpowered his own father, and created his own refuge on a distant colossal mountain castle, raising an army of pig-like people from people that took him to be a god, and becoming one of the most powerful forces of evil on Azathoth. He is strong enough to commit several invasions on-and-off-planet, capable of travelling through worlds through portals after harnessing the powers of a local Wilirk. His ultimate quest now is to find what is called the Crystalline Heart, a relic that can grant immortality. He has been on this quest for over 50 years, and his father is still hoping to stop him.


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