Melodies of Darkness is the 39th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. Ororo and the Justic Teens are glad that they had restored the Super Ops to it's former glory, and are sure that things will be fine from here on out. Plus, the Lodgers are happy that they are doing well, too, and are on Kratos to stop a conspiracy that is erupting there. They track it down with some bad guys, but just when they are in the midst of stoping them, they face an unexpected problem in the form of a musical villain by the name of The Music Master, a Superior ribbon eel with the unique power to develop music into a form of memory manipulation. He has intentions to make himself the 'Maestro of the UUniverses and beyond' with his ability to make everyone dance to his beautiful voice and soon, turn the UUniverses into an symphony of his madness. But he also has grand plans for a certain ocelot that was in his music appreciation class once. Can the Lodgers do this with the help of the Justic Teens and the Super Ops, and will they stop the Music Master's possible plans for Ororo?

Material Used

(These are example songs the Music Master sings)

BTBATB Music Meister Lyrics

BTBATB Music Meister Lyrics

Drive Us Bats - Neil Patrick Harris

Drive Us Bats - Neil Patrick Harris


"Musical Madness" Dr

"Musical Madness" Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Game soundtrack Keith Leary

Intro Theme

Intro (Cat in the Hat Game- Musical Madness)

Chapter 1: The Return to Proper Law-Enforcement

Chapter 2: The Music Master

Chapter 3: Ororo Gets Kidnapped

Chapter 4: The Music Master's Past

Chapter 5: The Music Master's Fate


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