Membula Umber is a cruel, sadistic, highly-skilled, competent, well-armed, and very dangerous alien bounty hunter. She comes from a family who fought against the Grox during the Hundred-Year Grox War. But when a Grox killed most of her family and left her with several near-fatal injuries when she was a teenager, she became a xenophobic murderer with an aggressive prejudice against Grox, even more then acceptable Grox-distrust standerds, learning all that she can to kill them. She has killed dozens of individual Grox, collecting their cybernetic implants as trophies, easily growing to be infamous to even the race itself. The G-Feds, even dispite their own disfondness for the Grox, wisely don't automaticly declare her a true hero cause true heroes rise above their tragities, not helping is the fact that Membula is not exactly a fan of the G-Feds for refusing to geniside the entire race out of the fact the G-Feds wish to not snoop to Grox's levels. She is brave enough to fight against the race itself, and is exceptionally skilled at avoiding them, and can easily kill one individual if given the chance, never hesitating to do so because every time she looked at a Grox's face, all she thought about was the death of her family as their murderer laughed. Once she has her eyes on a Grox, she never stops and never backs down until her target is dead. But little does everybody know that she's hiding a secret of her very own concerning her anatomy. She's been turned into a synthetic cybernetic-organism to make her battle against Grox much easier, getting robotic limbs to increase her strength, can see in augmented reality with cyberetically-altered eyes, and has the high-tech equipment and a cybernetic pet dog-like alien creature named Blister to help her destroy any Grox she can find. In sad irony, she's basicly becoming a hateful reflection of the Grox themselves, if though not physicaly, but morally, a classic case of being more the monster then the ones who wronged you.


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Membula is an alien simply known as a Getauri, which were a race bred for fighting. The race has fought against other warlike races including the Grox and Wrummels and survive long enough to adapt and become victorious. Membula has two hearts and 4 lungs for easier fighting, and over 20 adrenal glands located on her back for efficient endurance and resilience. Her race also has a more enhanced and elaborate cerebral cortex, which gives her great experience, persistence, relentlessness, and basically unavoidable to any Grox she finds.

What she hides from her opponents is that she is a synthetic cyborg. Before she became a bounty hunter, she had several injuries including a skull fracture, a paraplegic lifestyle, and later on the wound infections lead to a terminal illness. By becoming a cyborg, these ailments were not only cured, but she had the power to avenge her family. Her cybernetic composition and skeleton give her increased physical strength, durability, speed, heightened agility and flexibility, her eyes were cybernetically-altered to allow her to see in augmented reality, meaning that she can see and do anything and has a photographic memory. She injects herself with mitochondrial drugs that can allow her to heal any wounds inflicted upon her, albeit slowly, as long as a large amount of cells are still intact, she can react within a fraction of a second due to her artificial cranial enhancements, and her senses are even enhanced.

Her equipment include 4 types of weapons: An energy sword that can slice through partially anything, a customizable black laser rifle with multiple functions based on it's customization, two dual blaster pistols, and sticky plasma grenades with adjustable power levels. She also wields a jet-pack that can only fly for an hour before recharging, an O2 mask for lasting in intolerable atmospheres such as Grox atmospherics, and carries a paralyzer mod for her gun that will completely immobilize or stun any target too far for her reach. She also owns a solar-powered shuttle named the Prejudice with recharging laser minicannons that can be adjusted in power, and nuclear blaster cannons that are useful for taking out a Grox battleship, yet these cannons can only be used once before recharging for 5 hours. The ship also contains a compartment for a high-speed hoverbike that allows her to go fast enough to pursue a vehicle, carrying a single rechargeable laser minicannon.

Membula's only companion is her pet dog-like alien named Blister, a vicious beast with nothing cute and cuddly with him. He can run as fast as Membula's hoverbike, and can bite very hard and his natural bite venom can cause even cause burning pain in the bite wound for 11 hours. He is cybernetically enhanced to see in augmented reality like his master, and he can display an intimidating appearance when preparing to attack, displays a deadly monstrous growl and a deafening monstrous bark. Blister hardly trusts anyone else besides Membula since he was nearly euthanized for biting a Galactic Federation ambassador.


Membula is a human-like alien with electric-indigo skin, white-to-turquoise swirled hair, two antennae, two beautiful red-violet alien-like eyes, black visors, a red headband, a red scarf covering her lower face, wears a black, gray, and red suit, a Spore galaxy symbol on her suit, wears a jetpack, and wields a customizable black laser rifle.

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