The Memeverse is an infamous singular dimension that always manages to find it's way outside it's universal boundaries and taunt other-dimensional inhabitants. Mainly populated by infamous memes, and it's where all Memes, YouTube Poops and Abridged Series, along with every crazy parody imaginable take place, meaning it does hold the majority of crude MLP parodies, espeically the Hotdiggitydemon.Com ones and various others, including the videos of Leo Koutakis (Trust me, the guy's unbeleiveably hilarious. (link to channel)) and SMG4 (Guy's just nuts!) (link to craziness) Thus, because of it's long history being erased one-by-one, it is considered a dimension with alternate physical laws. It even has an extra dangerious section for creepypasta stories of all kinds, basicly respondsable for instences of haunted games/"lost" episodes/other cursed medias and super-naterol and just freaky as all fuck occurances. Certain dimensions, like the The United Universes, have to constantly put up with escaping inhabitants on a regular basis because their inhabitants pop out of nowhere and agitate people. Nobody outside of the Memeverse knows what it's like there because it is considered a forbidden zone for it's chaotic and nonsensical nature. It is currently under the tyrannical siege of a conglomerate called Viacom, which has literally and figuratively large executives that act like Nazis because their leader was confused by all the chaos, and soon became obsessed with order and perfection, and thus was able to control 99.78% of the Memeverse. However, all this is not that much of a concern for any outside hero force because it's too chaotic and nonsensical for them to give any concern.


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Notable Inhabitants

Famous Inhabitants

Youtube Poop Sector

  • Viacom- The undisputed Orwellian conglomerate tyrants of the Memeverse, with tall and bulky Max-like associates called Viacomists who are secretly robots, and an always-anonymous president only referred to as the V, and has weaponized many things across the Memeverse, still using the "V of Doom" as their symbol of tyranny, so much that everyone in the Memeverse fears it. They're basicly an over-monsteriously exaggerated parody of the Viacom Company for albeit the fact that real life Viacom has very strict copyright standerds.
  • Mario Head- A disembodied head of the famed Mario of Unfathomable Power and Hilarity, being the image of the Mario head that teaches typing. Often times it's a destroyer of worlds (Notably in the SMG4 World and Recently-Retired MoBrosStudios World), as well as a 'grammar Nazi' that attacks anyone for having terrible grammar due to teaching typing.
  • I.M. Meen- A hypocritical librarian who's best described as a creepy and incompetent sorcerer as well as the creator of the Labyrinth.
  • Shoop da Whoop- Literally a giant mouth that breathes disintegrative blue lasers.
  • Spingebill- Commonly an abominable version of SpongeBob who is a literal sadist and cruel prankster.
  • Illuminati- An in-joke based on a supposed secret group that already controls everything. In the Memeverse, they are a secret club that seeks to overthrow Viacom as the ones who control everything, serving a similar role to The Adjustment Bureau. However, there's rumors that this group was secretly in control for Viacom all this time and everything seen is nothing but a stage for their own plans for control. They are lead by the very thing they are symboled by, a sentient eye-flouting head pyrimid.
  • Weegee- A weird static image of Luigi with infectious tendencies.
  • Trollface- The symbol of internet trolls, and the logo of the Trolls all over the Memeverse.
  • Nyan Cat- A space-faring rainbow-pooping cat attached to a Pop Tart.
  • Sanic- A crude drawing of Sonic.
  • Moar Krabs- A greedy monster and/or killer based on a still image of Mr. Krabs in a grotesque form.
  • Pedobear- A bear that is namesaked as a pedophile.
  • George Volcano- One of the creators of the Memeverse. He's basically a sad-looking volcano with a puppet-like face from an obscured water commercial.
  • Dr. Robotnik- A clone of Eggman from 'a phase in his life' he went through, made into a meme-sensation because of the line "Snooping as usual, I see!" being made to create his catchphrase "PINGAS!" because the ping and as part of the phrase felt extra pronounced. Sometimes he is also a gross innuendo of a penis as well.
  • King of Hyrule- A manifestation of a version of the King of Hyrule of the Nintendo Zelda games from the infamously-bad CD Zelda games that were part of the "Unholy Tri-Force", famed for repeated catchphrases like "Dinner" and "My boy". He's pretty much harmless if though annoyingly persistent on having dinner with him or he makes you "Scrub all the floors in Hyrule".
  • Dolan Duck- A perversion of Donald Duck. He is portrayed as a psychopathic, psychotic killer and sex addict who betrays his friends and generally following his requests, betrayals, and murderers with the word "plz" ("please"). He commonly mostly does this to another deformed parody of Goofy named "Gooby".

Parody Sector

  • Steve- An SMG4-native annoyance who always yells "HI, GUYS!" out of nowhere and further annoys people with his retardation and disturbances.

Abridged Sector

Source Engine Sector

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Creepypasta Sector

  • The Slender Man- An alleged paranormal figure and one of the trademark icons of the Creepypasta sector.
  • Melissa- A blue angel-like figure from the famous NES Godzilla Creepypasta.
  • Ronald McDonald House- A corrupt insane society that assimilates people, usually delinquents, into mindless Ronald McDonald-like murderers.
  • Sonic.exe- An evil black-and-red eyed clone of Sonic that catatonizes people into images of himself and is self-proclaimed God.
  • Momo- An Internet urban legend originating in 2018 that appears to be a young woman with dark brown hair, huge bulging eyes, a huge mouth with a big smile, and bird legs. She is a social media demon.
  • Peter Lauer- The insane usurping head of Nickelodeon, taking it over through crazy delusions of violence and insanity to promote what he thinks children should see: violence, gore, and mayhem, and all Nick shows were based off of the rotten actions of the people he did horrible things to.
  • Laughing Jack- A monochrome clown-like killer responsible for the murder of several children and the mental scaring and ruining of their families.
  • Eyeless Jack- A monstrous eyeless figure that is not given any origin, and while fans have written many of their own, there is no confirmed origin of Eyeless Jack. He is a typical serial killer like Jeff the Killer or Ticci-Toby, but his goals, origins, motives, age, nationality, true name, black blood, and supposed ability to see and stay alive with presumably no eyes are never explained.
  • Jeff the Killer- A facially deformed teen who loses his sanity and begins killing to satisfy his homicidal urges. He has become one of the largest Creepypasta icons to date, even rivalling Slender Man. Jeff was a 13 year old boy, that was a caring young man who loved his brother Liu. As a killer, all that changed and he became a vengeful and bloodthirsty psychopath.
  • Smile Dog- A fictional supernatural entity resemlenet of a dog picture with uncanny valley teeth which was the focus of the story Smile.jpg - which grew into an internet meme in a similar manner to BEN, Zalgo, Jeff the Killer, Slender Man and alot more.
  • The Flesh Market- The infamously popular trading market where body parts are traded for props like artifacts, magic, abilities, and so on, and the policies are explained in it's creepypasta of the same name, it's HQ being in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Meme Sector

  • Dr. Octagonapus- A Shoop da Whoop-esque Doc Ock-like criminal genius and former father and friend/henchman of Shoop da Whoop himself.


  • Trolls- Giant Monsters of various forms that represent Internet Trolls, symbolized and lead by Trollface.


The Memeverse is separated into several sectors, each having worlds that represent the work of every single work of parotic fiction.

YouTube Poop Sector

  • Capital World: You-Poopi

This is the sector of the Memeverse that is home to the worlds of YouTube Poop. It's the biggest section, and the most troubled by Viacom. Because of the nature of YouTube Poops, it's easily a very volatile and, just plain weird landscape. Despite it's name, poop actually doesn't have a presence here at times.

Parody Sector

  • Capital World: Parodyse

This is the sector of the Memeverse that is a paradise, and a parody of itself. Parodies can be found here, espeically the likes of Hotdiggitydemon parodies, Leo Koutakis, SMG4 Mushroom Kingdom, and all parodies of your favorite characters. Parodies are usually more thought-out than the inhabitants of the YouTube Poop Sector, so it's usually a less-dangerous sector of the Memeverse. Though that doesn't mean that dangers doesn't exist, as sometimes it does get dicey there. This place is less sought after by Viacom because parodies are protected by the fair use law that parodies are pardoned from using certain likenesseses from established media. That's not to say the V hasn't tried to terrorize it though.

Abridged Sector

  • Capital World: Abridgetopia

This is the sector of the Memeverse where all abridged worlds exist. This is the sector where every known abridged series imaginable, including TeamFourStar, LittleKuriboh, and others. Abridged inhabitants are much more organized and more thought-out then even parody inhabitants, and are almost mirrors to the actual persons, apart from wise-cracks, lesser-competence, lowered intelligence, profanity at some points, and things turning out differently than expected. It also has two Abridged versions of MLP:FIM: Friendship is Witchcraft and The Mentally Advanced Series. Like the Parody Sector, it is not often attacked by Viacom because Abridged inhabitants are parodies in a way. That's not to say it's entirely safe from their terrorism though.

Source Engine Sector

  • Capital World: Valvery

This is the sector of the Memeverse where GMod and SFM-based parodies and/or memes exist. This place is unpredictable. Sometimes it's peaceful, sometimes it's the worse place ever. It has the heaviest population of TF2, Left4dead, Portal, Ponies, Animontronics, and other things with 3D models that can have ranging threat levels. The Source Engine Sector is effectively the Memeverse' equivalent of a Dodgetown. Surprisingly, Viacom doesn't even threaten the town that often or as often, because for the most part, the Source Engine Sector mainly 'stays original' apart from the models.

Creepypasta Sector

  • Capital World: Creepypastia

This is the sector of the Memeverse where all Creepypastas can be found. Many worlds here are mostly a desolate wasteland that looks like the setting of a B-movie horror film that is trying too hard to be scary. Of any place of the Memeverse, The Creepypasta Sector is the most dangerous for the clear reason that it's based on the scary stories and legends it houses and holds. When it's not monsters and dark legends, it's twisted versions of known characters you must avoid. Every part of it is dangerous, and even places like caves are dangerous. It's also the dumping grounds for every haunted game and/or haunted video tape/DVD/Blueray/other form of media that holds 'Lost Episodes', and anything in a Creepypasta made haunted, as they are placed in a large pile and the entire sector is lawfully barricaded to prevent any Creepypastas from being unleashed. There are buildings, but it's not advisable to go in them. Not even Viacom would dare touch this place, even if it's infested with abominable versions of things Viacom and other companies own. This place is very terrifying, even to other Memeversians who are already fearmongering mental cases who are incapable of feeling fear. This place alone is considered a major reason why the Memeverse is forbidden to go to, apart from the choas the rest of the place already has. Sometimes the monsters of these lands interact with other parts of the Memeverse, particularly the Source Engine Sector at times, though most of the time the craziness ends up sending them packing back to their home sector. It is also used as an exile sector for far too dark parodies of any kind.

Meme Sector

  • Capital World: Memetropolis

This is the sector of the Memeverse which, though not the biggest ever, is the Memeverse capital located within it's center, and the home of the many memes you can search for on the Internet. It is the home of many icons, many of them given sentient lift thanks to Animeme, and also the home of Brock Brody from Yo Mama! has a place here as well, given the presence of memes and creepypasta creatures at times.

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