Mendax Scammell

Mendax Scammell is an Equestrian anthropomorphic fox from another town like Klugetown, and was an old ally to Capper before he duped him and left him in further trouble with Verko. Since he was an orphan, he raised himself since a child when his parents were taken by a crime boss, and though his life growing up was very rough and he was mistreated and treated unfairly, he had learned to be a trickster and master cheater and gambler, learning to adapt around the wrath of criminals very easily, easily scamming them and getting revenge proper, and even if he was sent to jail, he could scam either courts or not be in a cell for a whole day, and is a good person to hire when something needs to be eliminated, removed, or play in a criminal's favor. Previously meeting Trikto of the Guardians of Harmony who was intending to bust his surviving father Vulpeca and he failed to save him from a harsh life sentence, he has been trying to get back at the kitsune someday, and he aims to do so with The Crime Kingpin. This character used to be the original concept of Capper in production, and would have a scorpion tail which had a mouth and a mind of its own and expressed his true motives while he did his con man act, and the word Mendax is Latin for 'liar', but this concept is a true anthropomorphic fox and his truthful talking scorpion tail is replaced with a pet scorpion named Skully, who speaks the truth always because of his species, who have stingers that inject a truth-serum-style venom which also intoxicates them into their purely-honest nature as the venom is used to get camouflaging prey items out of said camouflage, as he find this venom useful for interrogation. Though he can be charming, he has a similar personality and voice to Brian Griffin except having a British sophistication, and according to the bonus trailer in The Cephalopod Lodge Returns, he has the voice of Seth MacFarlane (Actor and director of Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, Ted, and A Million Ways To Die In The West) and can be quite sneaky, deceiving, mean, can act like a canine, can be a huge stubborn jerk, and he can be aggravated with Skully as he constantly brags the truth and ruin his schemes, and thus has to have him in a sound-proof tank.


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