Meya Liu

Me-Yau Liu

Me-Yau 'Meya' Liu, AKA The Animal Queen, is an Alternate UUniversal Original Sauran from Planet Scyria. She is a young fighter from a Zoian colony who defended her people from a criminal syndicate and got stranded in the forbidden sectors of Scyria and had no interest in the outside tribes. She eventually makes an army of wild dinosaurs as her defenders and eventually her family, and though she doesn't care for the concerns of others, she fights to defend them to prove she has humility, often with help from her tamed army. She eventually befriends Heili Runner to stop the conqueror army of Nervay. Despite how much her animal army scares people and often gets her in trouble, she is more comfortable with her own beasts than the whims of others. She eventually slays Nervay in a land with an irradiated surface, and after surviving in a subterranean fungal bioluminescent jungle with a new animal army since her last one was slaughtered by Nervay, she joins Heili in her quest to terraform Scyria since it's ruin following the disappearance of the Scyrians. Despite being somewhat feral, Meya cares about life and the ecosystem, no matter how intelligent or self-destructive, but will put those too dangerous out of their misery like an injured pet. She is a fierce warrior with the ability to read animal behavior like a telepathic being, and copy their behavior, but keeps her humility in check by fighting for what's right in a world of chaos. She is the AUU version of Ark: Survival Evolved Mei-Yin Li.


Meya was born to a family that died to criminals when she was 2. Forced to fend for herself in a harsh Zoian colony of Scyria, she grew up a street rat with five pet small dinosaurs that started off doing good deeds and defeated bandits at age 12. Once she was 19, she defended her home from the criminal syndicate tied to her parents' deaths. After slaying the crime boss, she chased away all crime from the city, at the cost of her pet dinosaurs. She left as a lone wandering ronan across the apocalyptic wastelands of the planet looking for people to aid until she came across an unidentified giant animal that chased her out to sea to a presumed death. She washed ashore to the uncharted Animosity Island, where she refused to be a part of it's tribes as the first people she meets eye her and try to overtake her. She killed one of them as a warning to leave her alone, and she departs into the wilderness of the island, uncertain who to trust on this wild island.

In only 3 years, without sentient interaction, Meya went on to tame the animals on the island, including a raptor she names Suave, whose equal skill and relentlessness to her made them like siblings, as she later tamed his pack, including the aggressive alpha she names Injured-Hand. This pack names her the alpha with Suave as the beta and Injured-Hand as the gamma as she proceeds to tame more animals on the island. She learns how to read any animal she meets and even quickly learn their language, nature, and behavior. In time, her herd grows steadily becoming more family than tame, her closest being Suave. Despite her distrust, Meya gives aid to others in need in order to preserve her humility. Heili soon came intending to study her animals. Despite not trusting this stranger at first, she came to accept her and be friends with her, as they discuss the mysteries of Scyria. But because Heili had a friendship with Edwyn Stonewell, identifying him as a scientific equal and even a father figure, despite Meya sensing something off about him, Heili eventually had to leave Meya.

A week later, Meya had been met with Nervay when enlisted with aiding a tribe called the Dyesharks, a sea-faring tribe who resided south and was strong with aquatic mounts. Meya shrugs off his interest in her and his offer for her to join him, as she had already learned of his true goals for world domination. Meya decided aiding minor people was no longer her biggest concern. Nervay's legion had set it's sights with the Dyesharks promising their defeat. As the dawn of war arrived, Nervay's legion strode competently to the walls of the Dyesharks artillery at the ready until Meya arrived from nowhere with her army of dinosaurs. Despite being her biggest victory yet, her power frightened the Dyesharks and though they kept her near, they wouldn't even speak to her. The two brought the war to Nervay's Stronghold aiming to stop their terror. But after a night attack by Nervay spies, Meya was blamed for the attack and banished.

News of Meya's power spread by this point, making people give her the name 'Animal Queen', commanding monsters on Animosity Island but not siding with people. Thrust into seclusion again, in a need to challenge the unfathomable power of Nervay's army, she eventually tames an untamable Indominus rex-like Massosaurus, which she dubbed the Fury after previously encountering him, learning his fury doesn't end even upon command, forcing her to keep him away from the rest of her herd. Among this achievement were many others with the intent to defeat Nervay before he could escape his island prison. Later, Heili comes to Meya with all the information regarding the obelisks and the force field they're casting around the shield and that each key is in three Guardian Temples accessed by each obelisk activated by 10 artifacts. But when Heili says that it was Stonewell who told her, she immediately insists to be in charge of the journey since she still doesn't trust Stonewell. They go to the nearest tower with artifacts in hand and defeat the Guardian Temple's Giopithecus, which is a critically endangered ape in the AUU. Upon obtaining the key, they arrive back to meet a Nervay ambush. Fury kills everything in it's path in it's fury and Suave dies bringing an injured Meya to safety while Heili is imprisoned as a POW for Nervay. Swearing vengeance on Nervay, Meya follows them to the exit terminal in the central volcano, discovering they had obtained all the keys and artifacts and defeated the previous Guardians: the Broodqueen and Dracthysaur. Meya frees a caged Heili, Meya and Heili contest for killing Nervay since she believes it's her fault everything fell apart, still believing Stonewell is not to be trusted, and Heili is knocked out, while a betrayed Meya confronts Nervay for the last time as they opened the exit portal. They fight as Meya's entire herd is killed as well as Nervay's legion, leaving the last two standing. Desperate, Nervay enters the portal but Meya tags with him along with a returning Heili. All three jump through the portal separated all across the world.

Meya and Nervay get stranded in Lapse Wastes, a radioactive desert with a massive hole in the ozone layer. Meya enters cover while Nervay is burned alive by the radiation. Meya retreats underground after learning of the radioactive surface. After retreating to a bioluminescent forest and bathing in the effervescent lagoons, Meya rests until being attacked by an endless horde of bat-like beasts called Eerioses, then discovers that bioluminescent light repels them. She tames a glowing cervine, called a cergline, named Sho, and a Volf named Bleak, and a Rokour named Dagon. From there she rebuilds her monster army, which was much stronger than ever before as the new creatures she encounters are in new ways useful. But as she travels, she ends up witnessed while bathing by the five students of Dinia Altories and Santrago An Sanct, getting her captured. In captivity, Meya stays awake due to paranoia and she distrusts the station's machines viewing them as magic and prefers to sleep with her beasts, which the team hesitantly comply with. She ends up quickly becoming appreciated by the base and learns to use tech armor, and later comes to find Dinia as a friend, rescuing her from a very radioactive enhancelement-filled cave getting plans and resources, but lose their mounts having to return on foot. She is even disgusted that Dinia's team had all fallen in love with her after only seeing her naked once, and her animals help keep them away from her.

On a trip back to the bioluminescent forest to relocate her home to the base, Meya encounters Heili and Edwyn being attacked by Eerioses and saves them with Sho. As the three catch up, Meya disappointed that Heili still trusts Stonewell, they go back to the base. As Edwyn learns more of the enhancelement he's found extreme interest in, Meya grows much more suspicious of him, and again tries to convince Heili to be careful, but Heili, frustrated with her accusations, threatens to end their friendship if this is brought up again. She learns how to use a tech suit and wanders the irradiated surface with Heili and Santrago to reconfigure the teleportation grid of the obelisks so they can escape the underground caves. while Edwyn traverses the radioactive element caves, ignoring warnings of how dangerous it is. Thinking Dinia is trying to steal his work, he distracts the scientists with a new engineered bioluminescent sentry plant while he experiments wildly with element. Santrago gets readings of his erratic behavior, and they decide to reach the signal from it's source to escape. Dinia kills a mutant cervine made by Edwyn when it attacks. After Heili, Meya, and Santrago teleport to another control center and discover much of how it works, they return with this information and are hailed as heroes. However, Meya learns that Edwyn had put Sho in an enhancelement experiment and berates Heili for still trusting him, ending their friendship as they discover that Edwyn has becomes a monster who takes over the base. The two are still angry, and after Dinia is seemingly killed by Edwyn and his monsters, they defend the base for weeks. Meya, still furious at Heili, gathers all the weapons and beasts she can find to hunt Edwyn by herself, but Heili still follows her. They defeat him and push him into a cavern as Meya almost falls in before Heili saves her, apologizing for her mistakes, yet still regards Edwyn as a friend on his grave.

When the Escape Project is finished, Heili starts to feel more guilty and admits she should have listened to Meya and Rav about Edwyn. Because of this guilt, she wants to leave for good and not join the team. But Meya admits that she was being too harsh on her and demands that she stays. Making up for their argument, they eventually leave the Lapse Caves and go to the ancient Scyrian capital of Ar Cretacion. After accommodating with a crew studying the city, Meya goes with Heili outside of the city and discovers new creatures in the midst of the capital city's outside, taming as many as she can. Meya also ends up deciding to immediately retreat with Heili and her animals when she hears a familiar deafening roar. She confirms it as the same kind of animal that got her stranded on Animosity Island, a Titos, a 60ft humanoid dinosaur and the apex predator of Scyria, as she finally gets a glimpse of the giant itself. After learning what it was, Meya spent most of her time sitting atop the tallest tower in Ar Cretacion, the Blackdiamond Tower, to observe the colossal beast.

Meya helped supply the entire crew with animals and mounts, while also rebuilding her own animal army again, with the new genetically engineered wildlife of the wasteland including a pack of gunfrills and a beta named Suave II. She even feels horrible for the corrupted wildlife outside of the city and thus loathes the accursed substance that mutated the traitorous Stonewell, especially since Heili said it had evolved a mind of it's own and infected the entire world, corrupting innocent wildlife whose pain she could actually feel, even legitimately crying for the first time in years. Meya is the very first to agree that the enhancelement must be destroyed, as it is a reminder of the destruction and damage she lived through. So she and Heili decide to help him out with constructing a colossal tech suit capable of fighting against the Titoses. But while Heili decides to help give Santrago a break by throwing him a birthday party, Meya goes out to the wasteland to try and destroy as much enhancelement as she could out of grief and despair, but was only summoning corrupted wildlife that she was barely able to escape from if not for her animals. Meya was the most adept to the colossal tech suit project because of her combat skill, while Heili wasn't performing the molecular fusion that makes the colossal tech suit as well as she should have been. After talking to her, Meya learns that the suit can't do it's best without a power efficiency of 100% or at least 75%. But then a Titos pair and their babies attack the facility too soon, and Santrago leads them away in a tech suit to his presumed death while Meya and the others retreat, unfortunately leaving behind an insubstantial amount of resources to finish the colossal tech suit.

A day later, Meya on the Blackdiamond Tower that is now refurbished into her own 'sky temple' notices Dinia arriving in the distance with Santrago's suit and yet is too late to deliver the news personally. She finds Dinia is alive, but Santrago's body is in critical condition and poisoned with enhancelement, preventing regen. Dinia plans to resurrect him as an android, and the group resumes their goals. They even allow him to use his psychokinetic abilities as a strong sensory device, allowing him to detect a faraway signal and the same signal that brought them to the capital city, and Meya suggests the idea to reverse-engineer his psychokinetic abilities, which they manage to do. They travel there after preparing a strong convoy which Meya prepared the most of and find it's an invisible skyscraper that contains an autonomous series of genetic machines, spawning chambers, supercomputers, and observatory screens, and an entire chasm of Scyrians in suspended animation. But they also meet the Overwatcher, an AI that Heili met when she escaped Animosity Island, who aims to lobotomize the entire crew seeing them as dangerous people who wish to abuse the Scyrians' power and secrets. They escape with a complete copy of the tower's data network, and back in Ar Cretacion, they read it and discover that the Scyrians used enhancelement as a weapon of war and artificial evolution, but like with Stonewell, it drove them into genetic madness and animalistic savagery, forcing them to put themselves into stasis until the chaos of the planet was healed, with autonomous AI like the Overwatcher safeguarding them. With this info in hand, they hatch a plan to cleanse the enhancelement from the planet, but the Overwatcher isn't going to allow it because had been corrupted by the enhancelement infection and hinders it's salvation protocols, making it mistrust outsiders believing they'll use this selfishly. Meya is disgusted with the lack of humility, honor, and dignity they had in the name of evolution and spends months in the Blackdiamond Tower wondering if the Overwatcher was right about them undeserving of such a cause feeling spiteful against the Scyrians for causing this chaos and disrespecting their own home.

After months of soul-searching, providing for the crew, watching for Titoses, and traversing the wastelands to get in touch with nature again, as tainted as it was, she came to the conclusion that the invisible skyscraper exists because the race wanted to repent their mistake and returns to Heili, only to find she has been receiving visions or memories after touching five new artifacts, and accounts one in particular: a stasis pod in an elaborate supercomputer complex labeled as the Ascending Tomb. She slowly becomes obsessed with them and Meya, concerned for her safety, takes the artifacts from her until she realizes that by not watching out for Titoses, an attack from the same Titos that stranded her on Animosity Island and it's family appears. Meya corrects this mistake with a vengeance by slaying the one she first met in her tech suit while sending her countless animals to ravage the rest with aid from the other defenses. But the attack poisons Heili with enhancelement from an enhancelement crystal monster that slowly disintegrates her as she tells Meya they must take her and the artifacts to the Ascending Tomb that she has mapped beforehand with the guidance of her critical thinking skills and visions. Meya, not wanting to lose a friend to the accursed substance, agrees and prepares the journey. However, another opponent attacks: the Titos Rex, the leader of all Titoses. It proves too impervious to even their best defenses and kills everyone with it's 100ft size and enhancelement breath, destroying much of Ar Cretacion and their base, Base Cretacion, while Heili, Meya, Santrago, and Dinia survive after they discover that the beast is deterred by the artifacts when assembled.

After they retreat to an underground forest cave, Meya and Heili are able to deduce accurately that the Titos Rex is none other than the avatar of the enhancelement infection's core being, the source of it's sentience and global infection born from millions of years of evolution, while the other Titoses and corrupted wildlife are minor hiveminded avatars responsible for the infection staying since the Scyrian Era ended. Meya becomes more hateful that the infection has used such a proud predator as acolytes, and vows to destroy it in any way possible. She leaves with Heili alone in her tech suit while Dinia attends to Santrago, who was still being rebuilt. She finds the hidden Ascending Tomb in an underground tech chasm brewing with power and leaves Heili inside the tomb to be healed while she saves Dinia and Santrago from a giant predatory Titos Tree, which is an evolved megahybrid plant. Santrago then comes across another signal that he reads is not from the Overwatcher's Scyr Spire, but from another. They go there to find another invisible spire operated by another Overwatcher, who is derived from the conscious of the leader of the other side of the war, who claims that the Overwatcher they met is faulty and that she is a backup copy created without permission in case of malfunction, because the Titos Rex had damaged the Scyr Spire enough to cloud away much of it's protocol so it couldn't proceed with the Seeding Protocol, something that all their enemies currently are keeping from them, as well as giving it time to completely infect the world with enhancelement, cancelling out the Seeding Protocol. She managed to save the Seeding Protocol from being deleted by transferring it into her spire, the Sydus Spire, and find a person with pure mind, heart, and soul to safeguard it, that at first being Heili's mother until the Overwatcher killed her. She thus chose the next best thing: her daughter.

Santrago devises that the only way to implement the Seeding Protocol is to reduce the enhancelement toxicity around the world by destroying the core of it's being, inside the Titos Rex, and Meya asks how they'll do that since there was no technology the Scyrians conceived that can take down the massively-evolved Titos Rex, which was 1 billion years evolved with it's unlimited access to enhancelement. But to their extreme luck, Santrago had unintentionally given them the ace in the hole they needed. The colossal tech suit he had been working on wouldn't work at it's full potential is because it required far too much enhancelement to power. But when they remember that the Titos Rex had been spreading and surround basically the entire land around Ar Cretacion, essentially making it the Titos Rex's capital, upon reading the amounts of enhancelement, they realize to their extreme astonishment that it's more than enough enhancelement to power the colossal tech suit, with Dinia absolutely amazed by Santrago saying he owes him another kiss. They salvage the resources from the ravaged tech suit facility and successfully finish it, and discover that they fuse so completely it's like they were never separated in the first place, packs power off the charts, outfitting it with a new enhancelement-siphoning alloy that can absorb enhancelement wherever it goes and feed it to it's power. Meya was put in charge of the combat portion of the mech while Dinia took the frontal control of the colossal tech suit with her high-class military training and Santrago acted as an AI. Meya was ready for the goal she waited months for: destroy the enhancelement at it's heart.

Upon charging into combat, the colossal tech suit absorbed the enhancelement at a rapid rate and slain countless Titoses with Meya's utter determination until there was nothing in the observable vicinity left to draw from. With the colossal tech suit at it's strongest it was on an equal level to the Titos Rex. After Meya screamed at the monster that it's reign of corruption and hurting innocent creatures is at an end, they fought. It's initial assault was intense, but they used all they knew to keep on the defensive and offensive in a battle that shook the world. In the end, Meya screamed in fury and might, driving their energy sword into the monster's heart and the enhancelement core, destroying it and taking away the substance's self-awareness, weakening the global infection's integrity and bringing it to 25% by present day. It freed the Titoses from their pseudo-intelligence, withered away the crystals on the surface, cured most of the corrupted wildlife, and gave the Seeding Protocol a 75% initialization rating.

After this victory, Heili is completely healed and teleported back to the group in the relocated Sydus Spire with the artifacts implanted in her, giving her the ability to control, read, sense, and become living data. She uses these new abilities to delete the faulty Overwatcher, and reunite the Scyr and Sydus Spires together and land them where Base Cretacion once stood, naming it the new capital and has to replace the Sydus Overwatcher as their caretaker since it's beginning to get too old to function anymore. This makes Heili the new contemporary leader of Scyria by proxy. She builds a new crew with help from Meya, Santrago is fully restored as a biomechanical android and agrees to marry Dinia, and the four set out on their quest to activate the Seeding Protocol and restore Scyria to it's former glory, especially Meya, proud that she has personally slain chaos at it's heart.

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