"HI! I'm Mime-Me! Wait.... Are mimes suppose to talk?"

Mime-Me is a rejected comcept for a formerly planned "Future of Chrismas" to make it even more modernised by over-all and out-right replacing elves as assistents to Santa by creating toy making and intelligent "Chrismas Drones" in shape of puppet-like figures. The original creator was french, so he only used the mime look for Chirsmas Drone beta as an intermediete look for a more chrismas worthy design. The Beta, was abit of a far cry of what the creator intended. It was clumsy, moronic, and easily confused. It was rejected because of it's inperfection, but the beta, named "Mime-Me" was still around as a simple aide for the elves. However, one chrismas time, Mime-Me was mistakenly allowed to be in the list room and was entrusted the ill given position of making the lists. Mime-Me had recently been concerned for a troubled 9-year old deemed "Naughty" for being a troubled kid, and an albeit bad hapit of making seriously nasty trouble for even athority. He felt it was wrong for this kid to be considered naughty for pretty understandable reasons. The kid lost his parents from a horrorable accsident, and acted out cause of being alone. Mime-Me didn't want chrismas to contribute into making him so troubled that he couldn't be helped, so he placed the kid into the Nice list. Cause Santa doesn't get to see the lists prior of being made, he ended up not realising that the lists were tampered before it was too late, and a kid that was naughty got what he wanted for chrismas, his parents reserected from the dead so he won't be stuck with his overly strict foster parents anymore. However, it was then found out that Mime-Me tampered the list and messed with the balence of the lists, not to mention causing a ster in the outside world for a causing an impossability to become possable, and was threaten to be scrapped for parts. Mime-Me tried to explain, but the elves refused to listen, only for Santa to intervine and informed them that Mime-Me had a good cause, and unknowingly prevented a terrorable inosdent. The kid was on the verge of causing a terrorable shooting on his shcool to get back at unfair teachers and bullies, and actselly putting him on the nice list saved him from becoming another criminal. It was deemed a chrismas miricle and Santa priased him for it. But outside of acknowledging it, the elves still insist that good intentions gone extremely right aside, he still tampered with the list, and needs to be made an exsample of, or it would send a wrong message that it's okay to mess with the naughty or nice list for the benifit of a kid you don't even know too much about. What happened with this one kid was a stroke of luck, but if the list gets tampered again, it wouldn't end well. So Mime-Me was made to be banished to Mother Nature's Greenland. Sadden and hurt, he was suceptable to being swayed by North Wind to take down the chrismas "Monoply" and make a new chrismas where naughty and nice kids can benifit from it. He clearly has an understanding of morals, problem is, a defected intelligents chip mars it, and it would only take a serious moral screw-up from North Wind to wake up Mime-Me from what he thinks is doing the right thing.
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