Steward Holmes Loudd
Vital statistics
Title Mimicrier, Howling Copier, Screamy Steward
Gender Male
Race/Species Southern Brown Howler (Alouatta guariba clamitans)
Faction The Mimic Cult
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Power Mimicry, Sonic Scream, Super-Flight, Naturally Agile
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
  • Groon (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil In A Sense, But Nothing Downright Extreme

Steward H. Loudd, AKA Mimicrier, is a Superior howler monkey from Kratos. He was known to be a real annoyance in his childhood days, and has been a great war hero in the Kratosian Civil War, even getting his signature war cry, he retired 5 years after the War to care for his wife and 6 children, who all decided to live in the great outdoors because of their usual howling game traditions. Unfortunately, he was captured by The Mimic Cult and was tempted by Copyrightous to join them and be their final leader. At first he wasn't interested, but when his family was all arrested for one of the children borrowing powers without permission during his times in the War, he realized that everything Copyrightous was saying about the discrimination of his kind was right, and vowed revenge by joining. However, that doesn't mean he became, straight-forword evil. Just because he doesn't appove of his kind of superior being mistreated, that doesn't mean the cult should follow the path of hypocrites and do the exact same shit to other superiors. He offered that the cult should deicated themselves to only educate the people of Kratos that Mimicry can be good if done correctly, but trouble is, though even Copyrightious acknowledges it, he is turned down cause the rest of cult believes stubburnly or paraniodingly, or too broken by their personal history that they think that other superiors will never impove and that only conquest of Kratos will be the Mimics true salvation. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, power mimicry, a sonic scream, and super-flight.

  • MCode:PmSeSfSosSs


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  • "One often does meet destiny on the road they take to avoid it."
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