Mind Warper

Bot Goruss Timber, AKA The Mind Warper

Bot G. Timber, AKA The Mind Warper, is an Alternate UUniversal Surragg from Planet Tau, and is a mysterious and vastly infamous supervillain, rumored Villains Act member, and self-proclaimed "Destroyer of Peace" in the Alternate UUniverses. He originally started out working for a Globex weapons factory on Tau as a weapon designer until he was arrested for creating illegal firearms for smugglers. When he was captured, 6 of the AUU Grand Councilors sentenced him to life imprisonment, though it only made the Mind Warper to calmy promise to offer due comeuppance for their willingness to tackle "A force greater than them". Sometime after the Villains Act's fall, the Mind Warper was a survivor of the destruction of the VA HQ on Peerbon, and vanished without a trace for some time. There's been a lot of rumors that he has been getting involved with The Dark Radicals, a villain team made up of some Villains Act remanents, but the rumors are often unclear, and occasionally ignored. He is known for being 50% trigger-happy since his former job as a weapons designer, and he is among the wisest villains that the Villains Act had ever produced.


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