The Shell Lodge Squad has heard that a new species from the Alternate UUniverses is moving to their UUniverses. They are a race of telepathetic and psychokinetic creatures called Psychozoans, a race of big brained eels. They make their new homes on an uninhabitable planet called Decuron. After weeks of terraforming, Decuron is now the new home planet of the Psychozoans. However, can these mysterious creatures be trusted after the Shell Lodgers display a series of violent and evil acts that might probably be caused by the Psychozoans' psychokinetic powers, or is it because there is an evil one amung the ranks of this new strange race, because the race has no clear evil intentions, just a new home because their old home was destroyed during the Villain's act reign of evil, and in fact are strictly harmless, in fact, intent on sharing advance new teclogity to this United Universes, but will that plan end up being foiled because of that one bad egg? And who is the bad egg, and can the race's hero, Telopather the smart, find out the bad egg before it's too late?

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