Ming is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. She is the daughter of Superintendent Woo. She ended up getting into a love Tri-Angle between Po and Monkey (Via a prank) that ever since, she's still getting over in a way not what was expected in the canon show.



A Younger Ming.

The episode opens up with Tigress meditating in her room until she hears the Five giggling. She then gets up and sees that Monkey is setting up to prank Po while he is sleeping. Monkey then tricks Po in thinking he's late for training, but Po falls for it, and falls into a bowl of pudding, in addition to having his bed crashing on him.

Outside the Training Hall, Hu talks to Shifu about how Superintendent Woo and his daughter Ming were supposed to arrive the night before, but still haven't. He is then interrupted by Po chasing Monkey to try to get revenge. Shifu orders the both of them to stop with the pranking, and go looking for Woo and Ming.

In the bamboo forest, after Po tries to set up a prank on Monkey and failing, Po and Monkey see Woo and Ming tied up to a bamboo post and being threatened by Bao, Lao and Tsao. One of the pigs then take the Stone of Lu Mong from Ming, and also getting beat up. At that moment, Ming catches Monkey's eyes and heart. Po and Monkey help out Ming, and the 3 pigs are able to run off with the necklace. Po and Monkey then carry Woo and Ming respectively back to the Jade Palace, like ordered.

Later that night in front of the Jade Palace, Woo and Ming complain on how they were treated earlier, but Shifu defends Po and Monkey, saying how they were only trying to get them to safety. Hu then asks Ming for the Stone of Lu Mong, but Ming points out how the pigs took them. Woo and Hu scold Po and Monkey, while Shifu explained the importance of the stone.

Po discovers that Monkey is attracted to Ming, and with the help of Mantis, decides to write a prank letter to try to get even with Monkey. The prank letter, to Po's surprise, doesn't go as expected, as Monkey thinks it's actually from Ming.

However, after a misunderstanding, Ming mistakes Po as the one who likes her therefore Ming kisses him, while Monkey is devastated that he lost his chance of Ming going out with him. Monkey fights Po, and Po explains that it was him who wrote the letter, but Monkey does not stop. While they were fighting, Ming was captured by Bao, Lao and Tsao. While chasing and fighting the pigs, Po explains to Monkey the reason he played the prank on him and that he does not want to hurt Monkey's feelings. Monkey realises this and together, they defeated the pigs, rescued Ming and retrieved the Stone of Lu Mong. However, in the progress, it appeared that Ming's inheredited attatude adjustment proved to be too much for Monkey when it waked him out of his romance. Eventually, Woo and Ming leave, seemingly that their paths would never meet again at that point.

SAF Role.

However, in truth, there was more to Ming then an attatude adjustment. She wasn't complaining about not being rescued quick enough for the sake of being rescued quickly, but because she has a personal vendetta of being helpless and being a damsel, and actselly wanted to help. Now, she understood that the Pig Bandits were not making things easy, but she was actselly upset that she realised that she was caught up in a friend spat, and that Po and Monkey would see her as nothing more then Woo's Daughter. Hiding behind a stiff upper lip and a face that said "You missed out on me", was a broken heart. She grew into getting over her dillemma and rise to become more effictent then already in protecting herself and made herself more of a warrior then just a higher up's daughter. The end result is that her body was slightly altered from the traditional KFP design for deers in the world and even looks like she belongs in another world. She even dons a twin-blade double-edged halblade that can split into two when needed and has gained a much better attatude. Though this stronger badass personality is a coping mechamisum to get over her lost oppertunity for romance..... But is it truely lost forever?

Appearence in SAF.

She looks abit like a younger Madam Zhou, only retaining her previous form and features in a sense, but skinner and in a warrior attire simular to Pre-KFP3 Tigress, but more imperialised and holding the twin halblades on her back along with a chinese sitar. Her horns are abit longer then in the canon image, but otherwise the same. As an adviser, she also wears a headwear simular to Meng Tao's. Her eligance and beauty disguises a truely more versitile fighter within.

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