Minister Slade

Avrom Ving Slade

Minister Avrom V. Slade is an Alternate UUniversal Gvaaast from Planet Aviton. He is the Minister of the Avian Quadrant of the Animal Square Province and a Minor Counciler Representation of that system. He bares the status as being abit of a jerk, AND being a known USRA critic and UIS sympathiser. Had it not been for the Province's USRA-leaning tendingies, he publicly stated that he would've had the province have a UIS allience partnership a long time ago, but is only tolerating consorting with being in a USRA-backed group because of desires of respecting what the people "Currently" want, though he has no fear of deeming this to be "A Phase" he figures the Province will one day let go and see how unfuntional USRA-hood is, where there he would begin his UIS ambitions. He is also the Uncle of Aero Slade, which, like the rest of the family, viewed him as the controverseal estranged uncle they prefer not to talk too much about. The minister is like this because he has his own desires for independence as well, and had prefered that if the allience stayed clear of USRA affiliations. However, though by all means he still had some cynical views about the USRA, his reasons for UIS appresiation stem beyond this, as he is romanticly interested in a female Swactyl named Chairwoman Beautia, a representive of BEIG of UIS. The two were in love with eachother and had hoped to start a life togather. However, Representives of the Currentcy Troupe didn't liked the sight of UIS presence in the system and conspiraised to frame BEIG presence for an economic crash by insury and fraud. The plan almost worked until Slade came to BEIG's defence and hired the planet's best detectives to pinpoint the real cause of the crash. Eventually the Currentcy Troupe representives were found, arrested and fired for endangering Aphronion System's economicy in the name of politics. Though Slade was able to prevent a needless conflict with UIS, it was bittersweet as the leader of the system and one of the members of the Animal Square Province had issued BEIG to close up shop due to controversey, even when it was cleared up. Slade begged the leaders to not make BEIG enfluence leave, but the leaders insisted that the province is mainly a USRA-leaning group, and though by no means anti-UIS, they only made BEIG leave to avoid bad falling outs with the USRA races for the presence of a UIS banking system, even when BEIG had done business with the system in the past before. Dispite Slade's best efferts, ultamately BEIG had packed their things and left, taking Beautia with them. This had left the Minister very bitter, and finally pushed him into be a UIS sympathiser after being given indiffent reasons to believe that the USRA is indeed an inferior allience. Although, he has earned favor with the Grand Council for the fact he was able to bust undesireable Currentcy troupe members and prevented a conflict with UIS, thus he came to be accepted as a minor counciler and made reprsentive of the system. Alas, this desidtion, proved to be a mixed bag.


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  • "Oh, sure, get mad at me for stating the facts that UIS is VASTLY more superior to the USRA in everyway, cause if your trash-talking about them is even remotely accreate, then is it not strange that the so-called "Way more Superior" USRA, is the one that disbanned while UIS is still around? How's that for food for thought?"
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