Mirage is the 3rd, and current, leader of the Villain League. Mirage is the adopted daughter of Malefor because Malefor needed someone to keep up his lineage and that he needed someone who was very evil in order to be adopted and become his son or daughter. Despite the rest of the villain league thinking that someone as evil as Mirage would try to overthow the Dark Spawn Lord leader, in reality, she's actually very obedient to Malefor, as she has been known to keep the mortal or non-dark spawn villains in line so they can focus on their countless plans for conquest. Mirage is also a deadly adversary to Aladdin, and is the current Big Bad of Agrabah with the demise of Jafar and Sa'Luk.

Background and Presentation[1]Edit

"I do love a tragic ending." - Mirage

Mirage was once a "normal" enchantress, involved in a romantic relationship with the cyclops mage Phasir. After some time, she parted ways with him and became evil, rising in rank until she became the new Evil Incarnate. Why she turned to the Dark Side, and wether her feline features are in her nature or due to the influence of Evil is not known. What is sure is that since her downfall, Phasir keeps standing in her way, trying his best to keep her evil influence at bay, and patiently waiting for the moment when love will bring her back to his side. He attempted several times to convince her to renounce to her evil ways, but not to avail.

Being the Evil Incarnate, Mirage has no defined goal and she acts out of sheer malice. She reigns over the demonic world of Morbia: an endless void of everlasting night, filled with floating rocks, where her Sphinx-like temple is located. She keeps an eye on the world through several crystal balls and choose a place at random where she causes strife, plagues or other disasters; before passing to the next one. She controls many types of monsters, if not every kind of demonic being in the world, and sends them to attack a town or a village on a regular basis. She also often attempts to increase the number of her minions; looking for people with a "seed of Evil" within them, tempting them with a promise of power and tricking them to become monsters under her command. Many of Mirage's Monsters (and even Mirage herself to some extend) feed and gain strenght on the fear they cause to their victims. Because of this, they become weaker against someone who isn't afraid of them.

Personality-wise, Mirage is unsurprisingly cruel, sadistic and sarcastic. She enjoys causing destruction and disarray, but she enjoys even more causing despair and breaking hopes. She considers breaking her victim's spirit to be much more important than mere destruction; and as such, she intensely dislikes everything that can inspire people's faith, and she despises love and any other positive feeling. She hates Aladdin and cannot stand Genie, yet she displays a loathing respect towards them and acknowledges their merit. (mostly Aladdin's) She would stop at nothing to defeat Aladdin but not necesarily to kill him, as she would be satisfied to let him alive, either as her slave, or simply hopeless in front of the ruins of his beloved Agrabah.

Mirage is also highly intelligent and manipulative. She knows very well how to use people's doubts and dislikes to her advantage. She is more of the scheming type and rarely (if not never) directly involves herself more than she absolutely must. She prefers give her instructions or set her plans and then watch the action in her temple of Morbia.

Powers and Abilities[2]Edit

"I have eternity to teach you fear. And even if it takes that long, you will learn fear, Aladdin!" - Mirage

Mirage is extremely powerful, being on an equal footing with Jafar, (as a sorcerer) Genie and Mozenrath. She wields many common powers such as flying, teleporting, travelling through dimensions, shapeshifting, making images or avatar of herself appear out of nowhere, and seeing or talking where she isn't physically present. She controls illusions to the point of being able to create illusionary places which she can manipulate; and she can warp reality to the point of creating fake replikas of an entire city. She controls shadows as well, as she is able to generate objects whose shadow destroys everything it comes in contact with, and rules the Shadow Realm, where the evil El Katib are dwelling. She also has the ability to summon nightmares in sleeping minds.

She controls several monsters such as fire cats and the El Katib, and she exert an influence over everything evil. She knows every monster and demonic being, as well as every evil magical artifact that exists in the world, she knows where to find them and she can control everything they make happen. She can also use "traditional" sorcery such as spells and potions.

Mirage is never seen actually fighting but she masters several magical attacks: a claw swipe which sends slicing waves of green energy (her most used attack) / green energy rays fired in rapid succession / green bolts of lightning / she surrounds herself with green and black lightning. She also displays great physical strenght, being able to send Genie flying with a mere backhand.

Role in the series

Egyptian Keyblade by Mulluns

Egyptian Pride Keyblade.

As discussed above, Mirage is the leader of the Villain League due to Dark Cynder's permanent destruction at the hands of Spyro. Mirage also has the ability to wield the Egyptian Pride keyblade thanks to her Egyptian lineage. Her new evil scheme is to try and free Malefor at the Mountain of Malefor by using the hearts of the 7 Princesses. She is also trying to corrupt Cynder again, while not becoming leader again, but to return to Malefor's ranks. It has been recently revealed in the Wild comment roleplay that Mirage has, in fact, was really a result of a fusion from the soul of Kairi's mother, Kanji, and a powerful relic known as the Mask of Bastet, which imprisoned the spirit of the original Mirage, and thus, imprisons the queen's soul within herself. This is because Malefor wanted a daughter and since his imfamy would prevent him to atten dates, he had Cobra to go forth and steal forth the fairest woman in the United Universes, and, since Snow White had a different role in the dark plan of things, the second fairest was Kanji. it was originaly planned to have Mirage play a simuler role to Dark Cynder, and, probably to the annoyance of Chernibogfan, was gonna be the start of another Villain reformnation, as well with some of the forementioned text, but, things changed when Tman added a more simuler but surely different story. How this exactly goes with the various times Aladdin has faced off against her and the many backstories on the web about Mirage's supposed past such as being a high priest of Bastet during the Egyptian times remains yet to be seen. Indeed, how exactly did Iago get word of Mirage existing in the first place and how did Mirage become evil incarnate in the first place? Alcourse, since Mirage wanted to be imfamous, and to cover up her true origin, she turn herself human, and play out those suppose "other backstoires" to thorw the very curious off. also, Scroopfan didn't think very clearly when he made the idea.