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Mirage the Changeling.

Mirage the Changeling is an old-era Equestrian Pure Changeling (Even though her canon painting in the school depicts her in the impure form she had beforehand) from the kingdom of her best friend Destiny the Changeling and the original owner of the Talisman of Mirage, which is now within the School of Friendship under the watch of Professor Spoonful, which she used in the surface fight between Destiny and Queen Chrysalis.

Role in the series

Mirage is one of the many ancient interracial friends of Vibe Idol, but is actually still alive and lives in an unknown location in Destiny's Kingdom, if though now an elder caste Changeling. She still lives with one of Vibe's daemon companions, Eros Heartbeat, who gives her the love to live longer than any other Changeling, and whom she met in the paradisiacal utopian land of Arcadia, which she retreated to after running away from the chaos of her race's civil war, and after developing a love for all life and ascending to a great form with Eros' help while forging the Talisman, she fought for Destiny and played a huge part of the battle, as the relationship between her and Eros caught the attention of Vibe Idol and eventually made them friends.

Pure Appearance

Mirage appears differently than from the picture above. She still wears the head cloak, but she has cyan eyes, a heliotrope carapace and legs, an amaranth body, an eggplant-colored wing case, cyan wings and tail, cyan ears, beautiful cyan hair, and roses in her hair.

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