Mirroroids (Revise)


are winged mirror-based outer gods and of the Order-Retainer Class even inspite of their harpy-like appearence and induce mortal error, existing to ensure that inrealmers, mortals espeically, stay flawwed and imperfect and are respondsable for enfluencing mortals to have their quirks and weaknesses and why no one individual is better then the other and why not everyone is meant to be neither a hero or villain, and basicly are why trying to make their own desteny and fate if you are not right for that role is often ending in failure. They deside on wether or what a certain something or someone is meant to be successful or not in the long run and for how long and are why the battle between good and evil isn't always so one-sided like the steriotypical case of good always triumpthing, because to a Mirroroid, good and evil is "A matter of suggestion", for there is only a matter of how strong one side is over the other and a matter of if the Mirriorods deemed it to be one side's desteny to triuptm or fail. Mirroroids are also very anilinitcal, skeptic, pessimistic and cynical to the idea of mortals being "pure", often having seen many instences of where the countuary was true, thus why they came to view good and evil as only "Suggestions", viewing good and evil to be "a matter of opinion" and view such battles to be the matter of mortals fighting for better preferences then the unpreferables, and the natrol distaste for unfairness and cruelty of life being personifived as those that go against it then anything more morally conplex, viewing morals as "An invented concept of sentients", often still viewing mortals as the animals they evolved from just being more complex then the standerd. Even for Outer God Standerds, Mirroroids are the roughest exsample of being amoral, even for the standerds of the Amoral Ones.
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