A Mischiever

Mischievers are Outer Gods that appear like the traditional Lovecraftian tentacled monster like Cthulhu and Azathoth, their very own rulers, and they like to cause chaos by messing with quantum flow of dimensions, causing anomalies and unnatural oddities. They like to leak monsters and dangerous conditions from other dimensions into others, they quantumize random objects into having unnatural properties, they make non-fictional fictional, curse people into having unnatural oddities and powers, and just doing anything out of the ordinary, as they were never meant to exist and took up a chaotic lifestyle that save their existence penultimately, even doing so to "dying" Outer Gods just about to end up in the Hybernation Realm by turning them into one of them. They are known very well by anomaly-based organizations like Area 51, Illuminati, and even the SCP Foundation, of which Mischievers bare the respondsably of being the creators of all the entities they possess, or at least halfly respondsable for them, made just for the purpose of amoral entertainment. These creatures have no consistent appearance, just being noted for being similar to the traditional Lovecraftian horror trope possessing scary eyes and tentacles. They are thus far one of the most powerful and dangerous rogue outer gods in existence, capable of outsmarting Pathmakers.
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