A Mischiever Pureblood

Mischievers are Outer Gods that appear like the traditional Lovecraftian tentacled monster like Cthulhu and Azathoth, their very own rulers, and they like to cause chaos by messing with quantum-flow of dimensions, causing anomalies and unnatural oddities. They like to leak monsters and dangerous conditions from other dimensions into others, they quantumize random objects into having unnatural properties, they make non-fictional fictional, curse people into having unnatural oddities and powers, and just doing anything out of the ordinary, as they were never meant to exist and took up a chaotic lifestyle that save their existence penultimately, even doing so to "dying" Outer Gods just about to end up in the Hibernation Realm by turning them into one of them. They are known very well by anomaly-based organizations like Area 51, Illuminati, and even the SCP Foundation, of which Mischievers bare the responsibility of being the creators of all the entities they possess, or at least halfly responsible for them, made just for the purpose of amoral entertainment. These creatures have no consistent appearance (Barring what are considered "Purebloods", I.E. a Mischiver that hasn't pocessed an Outer Host yet, if at all, so the vast majority of the time Purebloods look like that goony octopus monster from the Final Fantasy Series), just being noted for being similar to the traditional Lovecraftian horror trope possessing scary eyes and tentacles. They are thus far one of the most powerful and dangerous rogue outer gods in existence, capable of outsmarting Pathmakers.


  • Azathoth- The leader of all Mischievers.
  • Cthulhu- Azathoth's great-grandson and the second-in-command of all Mischievers. Was once an Eraser that was about to be Hibernation Realmed before Azahoth disrupted the process.
  • Nyarlathotep- Azathoth's son and a chaotic trickster mastermind who once ruled over Egypt countless times. Previous Outer God-form yet to be known.
  • Magnum Innominandum- Nyarlathotep's brother and a sentient mist that can control any form of plague and pestilence. Magnum I. is possibly a male Pestillancer dramatically altered to not even be reckitneseable as such apawn being Mischiverifived.
  • Magnum Tenebrosum- Nyarlathotep's brother and a-sentient darkness that can summon the most horrible of horrors from the void. Magnum T. could at best be a punished defecting Xzar that could've been Hibernation Realm'd but was re-figured to become so radically different that Magnum T no longer has the Xzar powers.
  • Tsathoggua- Cthulhu's cousin of unimaginable magic power and strength. Potaintionally believed to be another Eraser but was slightly more altered then Cthulu, or at least could've been a connected Eraser Spawn.
  • Hastur- Cthulhu's half-brother and a monster that is obsessed with yellow and has unimaginable power. Other-then assumption of being to Cthulu in his Eraser days, Hastur's true former Outer Form is still being guessed, though Hastur's Shakespearian demeanor could suggest either Infinity Librarian or Infinitary.
  • Yog-Sothoth- Cthulhu's near-omnipotent grandfather who nearly succeeded in defeating Luz. Quite likely that Yog was once a Time Councilor before being Mischiverifived.
  • Shub- Cthulhu's grandmother and a fertility Mischiever capable of creating monsters. Likely was a specialized Mischiver Spawn that recycles defeated spawn into anew like as seen from The Truth of the Legends of Bikini Bottom and potaintionally connected to Cthulu.
  • Abhoth- A gruesome shapeshifting abomination and a creator of many of the worst abominations out there. Demischiverifived form revealed to be a hybrid outer of Amoral One and Plainspawn.
  • Nug and Yeb- Cthulhu and Tsathoggua's parents who are often comical yet very cunning masterminds. Previous forms likely believed to be Eraser Spawn of Cthulu's connection from his Eraser days.
  • Dagon- A fish-based Mischiever who rules the dark Devil's Reef outside the shores of Innsmouth with his wife Mother Hydra. Both he and Hydra are assumed to be once defect-Final Takers before Mischivfication.
  • Bokrug- A giant near-indestructible lizard warrior who took over the wastes of Sarnath. Bokrug's previous Outer God form is yet to be disclosed.
  • Ubbo-Sathla- A slimy silvery living mass that used to live in the Mountains of Madness. Was once the Demon Realm's Amoral One Creator Fantoaronus whilst fused with a female defective Plainspawn, both De-Mischiverfived.
  • Ghatanothoa- A son of Cthulhu and a gruesome serpent-like Mischiever that can turn those who look at it into stone. Likely assumed born into Mischiverdom long after Cthulu became a Mischiver, though likely Ghatanthoa would've been either had been an Eraser's Titanspawn or an extremely strong Eraser Spawn.
  • Daoloth- A Mischiever who can manipulate the laws of physics to lethal levels. Well established to have once been a Physic Councilor before Mischiverication.
  • Algol- A living star that can warp minds with utter terror and fear, and thus manipulate them. Previous Outer God Form yet known.
  • Kaalut- An insect larva-like Mischiever nightmare parasite who can induce nightmares. Possibly from a Bug-based Outer, though the specific type is unknown.
  • Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg- A fly-winged ant-headed scorpion Mischiever with the ability to spread pestilence, illness, and has incredible durability. Potaintionally a dramatically altered Quantom Eater that was granted sentience apawn Mischiverication.
  • Youndeh- A dear-like Mischiever and the wife of Nyarlathotep who used to run the Moon Beasts. Previous Outer God-form still to be known.
  • Atlach-Nacha- A woman-headed spider-like Mischiever who can assimilate, poison, and control people like puppets. Demischivered back into a Pathmaker that was too bold and persistent in going after a Mischiver.
  • Tru'nembra- A wind-based Mischiever of bad harmony and music. Previous Outer God-form's unknown.
  • Tulzscha- A sentient green flame Mischiever capable of controlling mana and wielding powerful black magic. Previous Outer God form is unknown.
  • Shathak- Tsathoggua's wife. Likely was also a specialized Eraser Spawn.
  • Zvilpogghua- A large octopoid Mischiever and son of Tsathoggua. Previous form expected to be Eraser Spawn.
  • Sfatcllp- Tsathoggua's grandson and Zvilpogghua's son. Previous form expected to be Eraser Spawn.


  • Yig- An armed snake former Outer God with a Master-Shake-like attitude and voice and an ally for Luz. Formerly the Amoral One of the Snake Dimension under the direct tutelage of the Grand Reptile.
  • Yidhra- Yig's wife and a shapeshifting naga dream demon witch. Former Outer God-form unknown, though it isn't to be ruled out that she was once a Verse Raider Bladebra, albeit dramatically altered from previous form and powers.
  • Han- An icy mist-based former Outer God with a Frylock-like attitude and voice and an ally for Luz. Previous Outer God-form's unknown.
  • Byatis- A frog-like former Mischiever with a Meatwad-like attitude and voice and an ally for Luz. Previous form suspected to be Eraser-based, but otherwise unknown.

Near/False Mischievers

  • Set- An Egyptian snake chaos god and an adopted family member of Yig, though he was the one that got Yig into Mischiverdom to-begin with. Once a disgraced Amoral One to the point of Outer God demotion apawn being banished into the Outer Rims and also once under the Grand Reptile's tutilage.
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