The Miser Bros

The Miser Bros of the Dragon Realms. They're both too much.

Heat Miser and Snow Miser, aka The Miser Brothers of the Dragon Realms are two feuding, and sometimes idiotic, brothers and one of many existing Miser Bros of the UUniverses. Since their well-known movie appearances, their stories are well-known and motivations behind their brotherly disagreements and their feud to bring either a 'White Christmas' or a 'Green Christmas' to the world. But the Misers of the Dragon Realms are different due to the fact that their common assistants are elemental creatures fighting in their battles. Heat Miser's forces consists of salamanders (mythological creatures) with fire-based weapons, and riding fire horses and Firedrake wyvern dragons. Snow Miser's forces consist of ice beings called Icicilans, who descended from Eskimos, dwarves, and elves, all wielding ice-based weapons, and riding ice horses and ice dragons. Outside of being known to be hostile to outsiders due to years of fighting, the Misers are not considered evil. They just want the weather in the world around them to be exactly how they want it on Christmas, and have been known to hurt people that neither of them are sure who's side they're on, so they're chaotically neutral at best. The only known time they teamed up was to stop their relative, North Wind, from taking over Christmas, and the two pretty much kept their distance ever since. Both Misers secretly want to get over their seemingly aimless feud and want to act like real brothers, but pride and personal conflicts on what kind of weather a Christmas should get makes that a bit too improbable. No one in the world except the Dragon Realms Santa and their stepmother, Mother Nature knows this. And it might take a second troubling act from North Wind again and the help with some unlikely new friends, to finally get these idiots to get along, or at least make their fighting less hazardous, and decide that they control the weather of random places every year.


Heat Miser

Heat Miser's primary weapon is a catapult that fires fireballs. He even has 4 singing pin-up girls that are also his servants. Heat Miser's infantry forces consist of the main population of salamanders (mythological creatures) who live in an underground city located under the Heat Miser's fortress. Heat Miser is the leader of this city, and has a vice-president named Flamuman, a fire wizard who commands the infantry forces and acts as Heat Miser's advisor and right-hand man. His infantry consists of salamanders, including the prime general, General Flambé, and his two children: the leader of the heavy guards Vulcan, who is the oldest and most sophisticated and tough, and the leader of the light guards Venus, who is light-hearted, loves Christmas more than other soldiers, and hasn't learned how to speak more than squeak. There was also a hot-headed lieutenant named Lieutenant Hellfire who had believed that weakness in the forces is what lead to them losing most of the time, and tried to murder Flambé's family, and was banished to Mother Nature's land and then served for North Wind. The forces wield fire-based weapons such as flaming swords, torches, and bows and flaming arrows. They ride either fire horses or Wyvern Firedrakes.

Snow Miser

Snow Miser's primary weapon is a giant crossbow that fires giant icicles. Like his brother, he also has 4 singing pin-up girls who are his maids. He rules over a race of beings called the Icicilans, who descended from human Eskimos, and also mountain dwarves and village elves. The Icicilans live in an arctic village in the outskirts of Snow Miser's fortress. Icicilan soldiers are lead by Flamuman's brother, Snowdrift, a wise and powerful ice wizard, and has 3 associates who lead each of the races: the Ice Human leader Kelvin, the Ice Elf leader Freezearrow, and the Ice Dwarf leader Frostgard. All Icicilan soldiers wield ice-based weapons such as bows and magic freezing arrows or icicles, icicle spears, and ice swords and daggers. They even ride ice horses and ice dragons.

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