Miss Sulma C. Jauling is an Alternate UUniversal Dinjo from Planet Goorujo. She is known to be a kind-hearted yet loyal assistant to Administrator Osmolla who helps her with black market trades and smuggles for Maan Incorporated. She is a very pretty and often perky character who is, in reality, not fond of what Maan Incorporated is doing, and only did the job because, one, she sympathes with the tragity, aside from it being debateable as a true tragity depending on how you look at it, of Gryson Maan, and is also a childhood friend of Scibton Shale, and also, it was the only one available since she was a college dropout, cause of bully issues leading to gun violence and done it out of fear, who couldn't find a good job. She isn't truly fond of the job she currently has, but goes along with it saying that it's better than nothing. But someday, she'll figure out that it's not worth it when she ends up falling for Iain the Iota in Team Positron. She was hired for her skill in stealth and strategy. She is capable of covering up crimes with her keen eyes, and is exceptionally skilled with guns.


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