Miss Victoria

Laura Deena Victoria, AKA Miss Victoria

Laura D. Victoria, AKA Miss Victoria, is a fictional Superior dhole who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. She started out as a normal dhole from a planet called Kra-38, and is the leader and scientist of the Victorians. She is an inventive genius and was a scientist for her hometown's military and was good friends with a stoat named Edna and a maned wolf named Forrest. They were intending to promoted to a higher level, but their reckless actions got in the way. Then the Incursion gave her, her friends, and 2 others superpowers that they used to escape, and become the Victorians. She became the leader, and the two have been defenders of the Kratosian city of New Athens ever since. After taking down Incursion, she discovered Forrest's romantic feelings for her, and the two became a couple. The powers she gained included super-strength, heat vision, super-mentality, and telepathy.
  • MCode: HvSmSsTpy


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