the Missing link, the villain leage wishes he really was missing.

The Missing Link
is a 20,000-year-old fish/ape hybrid who acts like a jock, but is out of shape. He was frozen in the ice age for 20,000 years and thawed out by scientist. He was captured in 1961. When he escaped, he went back to his old lagoon which is now a resort and started terrorizing people. He is the only monster who can understand Insectosaurus, who thinks Link is his Dad!

Link is strong, agile and is an amphibian and can live in and out water for how long he wants. He can swim especially fast through any liquid. It is unknown if he can adhere to walls or other objects and crawl up them but is seen in the movie crawling up Insectosaurus without falling.

As of being a bit reckless at times he is actually a very tough acrobatic and melee fighter, making him a powerful and unusual being. In the movie he is the one to think that he can do everything always rushing into battles without considering the consequences. Sometimes you could think of him as the leader but you wouldn't want to. He has a weakness for the ladies as shown on the movie almost hitting/flirting on Ginormica (Susan Murphy) at first sight for greeting her and demonstrating his moves to her to impress her. Don't think of him as boring because if you underestimate him, he can knock you out with one blow as shown in the movie fighting off Aliens one by one with single punches and kicks. he helped bring down Galaxhar.

formerly was gonna meet Spongebob in Spongebob and Monsters vs. Aliens, but canned due to copyright. he meet Spongebob for the first time ever in Spongebob and friends go home on the range. he joins in Spongebob and Friends meet dinosaur.

The most agile of all of the Shell Louge Squad, along with the Furious Five, and tends to make tons of jokes and wisecracks. he's like the tough, funny, and good natured uncle to the louge.

He is a parody of the titular characters in the films, King Kong and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. He is inspired by the gill-man (Creature from the Black Lagoon , 1954) The gill-man, an ancient man/fish, lived in a South American lagoon.

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