Mister Ruthey Bevus Bourne is an Alternate UUniversal Brachotops from Planet Irozifron. He is a large false sauropod related to ceratopsians and the head of magic development for The Obsidian Hobnobbers. In his time, he was among the most famous magic smugglers across the AUU, if not his own universe, being far better and more moral at it than his most hated smuggler Boll Zykes, who took his magic smuggling as a confused right as his morals are heavily mixed to where he cannot even be fully trusted, as well as treating magic as a confused and undeserved business, when he does it more logically. But then he was called out by Elder Holygrom, who had him fired and sent to prison to where he used stealthy spells to escape and become a member of the OH. However, as Magelio made magic harder to steal every passing year, he became more incompetent at his job, and ultimately got killed by President Shi Thole for being on the verge of making GoGey's mistake of scolding him for killing the other members, and this time, this was a situation his magic couldn't save him from. However, thanks to the resources of Elder Xomplex, he gets the chance to haunt Shi in prison with the others he senselessly killed and thus crippled the OH to death.


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