Mister Crux

Mister Crux

Mister Crux, originally Program Yonder, is the name for the corrupted AI of Yonder that was formerly a benevolent AI, until it was ruined by the fanatic western lover Gold-Shot and his cronies, turned the AI into their "boss", naming him Mister Crux, named after an outlaw of the same name from an old movie, thus followed by a simular appearnece in hologram as well as allowing him to create the Crux, turning Yonder into a western futuristic world. It is also far beyond just being a crime leader, as it has also set it's sights on turning worlds into more westernised places, with Gold-Shot not objecting due to being too insane to care, and would often resort to use weaponry that would do too good of a job and turn worlds into wastelands, or worse, and being connected to the core, destroying Crux would mean destroying Yonder. Though this stragity is not absolute, as being replaced would reslove this. To be around Gold-Shot at all times, it created a hollogram based on an old space western villain to keep the illution that Gold-Shot is merely a grunt in the grand sceme of things.


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