Mister Electrix is an Alternate UUniverses Sub-Omnican Tenticled Eel from Planet Ientasy. Like a blend between Oogie Boogie, Overwatch Omnics, and Mr. Electric from Sharkboy and Lavagirl, he is an undead-machine-ished muko-guiset and the former tycoon of traditional electricity who is beyond ticked that Muko mining ruined his business, so he used the Dark Muko Elder Ful L. O'Flies found to turn himself into a Muko-Geist, and used the powers to bring the victims of Raish's attack on Nivilholm and the town itself back to life as a literal ghost town and turned the old mansion into his haunted castle estate where he ruled as a malevolent false god. He pretty much resembles the giant ghost boss from the actual Final Fantasy 7 game, Lost Number. He is also a member of F.O.Z.Z.E.L.S..

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