Mister Sursemury

Mister Qalt Ceven Sursemury

Mister Qalt C. Sursemury is an Alternate UUniversal Kleen from Planet Mieber. He is a wingless wooly bird with legs functioning as makeshift arms, and is known to be an Undergrounder and an employer for some of the Underground's foremost couriers skilled in vast amounts of freerunning and parkour and make deliveries, including Hope Qonnors, and several others including her best friend Oggle Kuxmore. He is a very rough-accented bird who enjoys his line of work, and has a habit of using his legs to punch people in the shoulders. He went through 2 careers in his life, one time working in a brewery for synthetic alcohol, and later starting off as a gambling arms dealer who sold his own customary bullet-based weapons, until finally making his way to a courier employer. He was also a close friend of Hope's family, and thinks of Hope as a prodigy for Undergrounders everywhere. So far, he has hired up to 7 couriers, counting Hope and Oggle. Though an Undergrounder, he's not involved with it to truthfully end the bans, as he does agree that they serve a beneficial purpose in making society safer until a 'needless' rebellion happens thanks to 'the ever misguided' Rea Buhl Hackagon, where Sursemury argued that alcohol can be easily replaced with non-addictive, non-intoxicating, and harmless synthetic alcahol recipe of his own design, though it was never allowed in the brewery because his employers scoffed as 'impossible' to make beer that doesn't make you drunk, though with modern AUU science it is. When he's not managing the couriers, he is perfecting his perfect non-syntheic alcohol designed without the common problems of true alcohol, and shares them with his employees, including Hope herself. He also has one of the cleanest mouth in the Underground, finding curse words to be 'below him'. He does plan to one day give his idea to Mieber as a whole, though in light of current controversies and that certain forces might make simply going out dangerous, he's 'buying his time' to wait for what he knows will be the 'inevitable' downfall of the 'Three-Ring Circus of a Rebellion' and then move in when things get a little better. He still has his gambling edge and goes to casinos to place huge bets, and he has won them 79% of the time. Because of his friendly and often humorious prospective, it kept Hope, Oggle, and the other couriors from being as vile, bad, stupid, and unpleasent as he other rebels. He even kept them safe by giving them proper AUU gear and not "primtive excuses for weapons" the other rebels have in the form of Bullet Guns. He has a similar accent to Marcus Kincaid from Borderlands, and has similar mannerisms.


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  • Hope Qonnors
  • Oggle Kuxmore- A Marrit who is Hope's childhood best friend who accompanies her sometimes and keeps a lookout for trouble.
  • Sassy Skales- Oggle's inter-species flying-snake-like crush.
  • Owen Pulwion- A weakling semi-aquatic flightless swallow-like bird who wishes to fly despite the impossibility of doing so.
  • Rocko-Socko Rogeto- A muscular jaguar-like mongoose with the strength to tear down an entire wall with a heart of gold.
  • Chiller Beans- A cool-as-ice gangster iguana-like lizard who always likes to brag that he is the best courier, but really it's just to boost moral of fellow couriors as he's more humbler then he looks and acts, he's merely trying to inspire people, though not to say he doesn't back his words with actions. He is widely noted for the glow-in-the-dark red tattoos on his body that aid him in scaring people when fighting in darkness.
  • Ol'Timer- An elderly toad-like creature with a mysterious ability to control his own time sync, and even freeze or slow down time, but never to change it. He is one of the many couriers who proves that you don't need to be agile or have good youth in order to be a good courier.
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