Mitch T. Mixematvich, AKA Mitch Mixenmatch, is an Alternate UUniversal Yatoran-Nepolianino Hybrid from Planet Utopia Prime. He is a hybrid alien cross between the most well-known Teadr 1 race, and a conqueror race held into their home system by the Union of Independent Systems long ago, he was raised by his single Yatoran mother on a planet that is actually multiple planets merged into one via a device of Yatoran precursor race origin, and the home of the precursor race of two of the prime UIS races. As a hybrid, he suffered constant discrimination and he was thus given an inferiority complex, as his maternal race were usually beings a sign of respect, ergo, the Yaterons have the unfortunate mindset in viewing hybrids between them and even races that they would like, much less those they aren't too familiar with, to be reputation ruining flight-risks because it's even hard for Yaterons to predict a hybrid's mentality due to things like genetic complications or imbalance of genetic inheritance. He was even treated like a second-class citizen and even branded in the face violently for indentured servitude. This very literal and figurative scarring incident served as a reminder that hybridist mistreaters had to be corrected. He killed the bullies who got him disfigured with a stolen plasma whipsword, and was even once a hero for rescuing a slave colony of hybrids. But it was ruined because of how he did it: by murder, torture, terrorism, and near-genocide. He was disgraced and labeled a killer. He proceeded to steal technology and knowledge throughout the AUU, and gained not only a hybrid insurrection for his cause, but he created a genetic mutant bioweapon amalgamation of all races he could find, called the Inbus. He even obtained an alliance with Worm McSinep, believing that the USRA had the best aid for his cause than the UIS, even if in technically that he was mistreated by a USRA race member. He trained himself in combat and tech equipment, and the ability to get notoriety, and enough to scare even other hybrids. His political intrigue is matched by his killer skills and arsenal. He is like RWBY Adam Taurus, and has no conscious due to years of training numbing it down.


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