Mixie is an Equestrian female Draconequus from Draconequua. She is energetic both figuratively and literally, and being a Draconequus, she is very chaotic in demeanor and was formerly the local bully until falling in love with the two heads of the royal guard, Topsy and Turvy. Since she redeemed herself by saving them from an Echidna, she admitted that she was a bully because of being abandoned by her parents, and wanted something better, getting it at last, but not at the cost of Topsy and Turvy being her adopted brothers giving her a place in the royal kingdom to live as long as she can be kept under control. She later gets sent to the School of Friendship as a way to help other races respect Draconequui. She has the voice and personality of Star Butterfly x5, being carefree and because of her unstable magic and potential to become a warrior mage just like her dead parents, she is hunted by a Vorpal Blade wielding dragon named Surreal Fire.


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As a Draconequus, Mixie is capable of wielding chaos magic, and this makes her bubbly and hyperactive in personality. Her mood swings and feelings allow her ranged augmentations to her magic. Though currently she cannot control these powers with her hands and thus requires a wand to act as a restraint to them. She thus has a wide range of spells to choose from, all random and work differently.


  • "I totally got this!"
  • "LOOK, A THINGY THING!!...... What is it?"
  • "Let's get this party started!"
  • "I want friends, but I stink at keeping them."
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