Galactic Federation Mk. 20 Intensifier Cannon

Mk. 20 Intensifier Cannon

The Mark 20 Intensifier Cannon is a Galactic Federation weapon that was meant to be a powerful military asset created by a weapon builder race called the Narcoonians, A race of Kangaroo/Raptor like creatures who envisioned the device to be the "Messiah Gun" designed to be the nightmare of any Galactic Federation enemy, where even the Grox will pee themselves by the mere mention of the name. However, when it ended up being used by terrorists who "mysteriously" managed to get their vile hands on it across the Galactic Federation worlds, Grand Councilor Sourball had it outlawed and made possessing such a device unrealisticly punishable by death, especially since one shot of this weapon can kill more than just one target. Thing is, as stated, the penality is not realistic since weapons argueability even more desistating then the Intensifer cannon can be able to damage half a world and yet the worse you can get is a life sentence! The Narcoonians are espeically upset about this and natrolly claim that Sourball has spewed bullshit and tricked victimised races who are normally against the death penality to even allow Sourball to get away with it and had been advocating for Sourball to be impeached and to remove the law altogather and then at the least, restrict the gun to only Millaterry personal and to upgrade the guns to only WORK for millaterry personal and to have a design that causes it to malfuntion if in the hands of fanactics which will make them look like complete jokes and truely make the weapon a great good once again and only have it feared by the fanactics that would once love to have these things. An eventually, they'll get these dreams in ways they didn't nessersarly expect but appresiate all the same. It fires super-charged explosive plasma that strikes with the force of a warhead, and releases a splash blast powerful enough to wipe out anyone within a 9ft radius. It is capable of destroying an entire building in a single shot, and it's battery never suffers from losing power, though the thing has to go through a cooling cycle.


in the Planet Narcoona, back in the day, the planet once suffered a serious terrorisum problem. The worse of the fanctical groups was sadly and ironicly named group, called "The Narcoonian Advocates of Peace", who commited the most dispicable crimes on the planet. After the leader of the group, Carmoan The Unfallable, ordered the exicution of the grandfather of the famed Narcoonian Weapons designer, Dr. Jarcooa, she went to seek out the path for justice. She created the Mark 20 Intensifer Cannon, made in combination of the earlier Mark Cannons in the series and made what would soon to become the most powerful.

On the day when Carmoan was on the verge of becoming the absolute ruler of the planet after murdering the previous rulers, Jarcooa came with the first ever Intensifer Cannon. Carmoan laughed at Jarcooa and mocked her with sexist comments! Then he ordered his strongest member to destroy her and break her toy! The moment the seemingly undefeatable warrior charged, Jarcooa fired the cannon, and the warrior was no more. The Group was horrorfived by the weapon, Carmoan defelupted a great fear of it. Carmoan ordered his soldiers to attack, but Jarcooa defeated them with the cannon. Turning into the true cowerd that he is, he got on his escape ship and fled, but Jarcooa fired the cannon one final time, and destroyed the Fanactic Leader forever.

The Narcoonians phraised the weapon that saved them from Carmoan the "Formerly" Unfallable. Jarcooa was made new empress of Narcoona and she started a new era in the planet's history. More intensifiers were created and were used to destroy the other groups, making terrorisum extinct in Narcoona. They defelupted the philosify that "If Terrorests show no mercy, why should we?" and became the most feared race to outside terror groups, even to the likes of The Maraxus Grip. The Galactic Federation quickly gain a faverite in the weapon and mass-produced it for their own millaterry forces and began to destroying Terrorest groups. It went to the point that litterally strong enough groups like the Maraxus group are the only ones left. However, when one of the powerful groups, a Slimeballian Terror group infamously known and hated as "The Scumbaggers", were destroyed by the Intensifer and brought peace to Slimeball, the weapon inadvertingly created a new enemy. The leader who was destroyed was actselly the brother of Sourball, who in secret is a ally to a powerful mafia group that hated the weapon that took his brother's life. In secret, he stolen some of the Intensifer Cannons, and gave them to violent Usurpers and even the very terror groups that were afraid of them and was respondsable for causing horrendus attacks used against the public.

Sourball then took advantage of the races trumatised by the attacks and convince the races who are normally against the death penality to make the Cannon not only illegal, but to make having one punishable by death, which is unrealistic in practice since owning illegal weapons, even those stronger then the cannons only offer a life sentence. Sourball takes advantage of the very Usurpers and Terrorists killed by his own law to sell their souls to the same groups for the highest bids and is respondsable for making the Intensifer from a Terrorest Nightmare to a wetdream! However, The Narcoonians know there's bullshit going on around here and are persisently advocating for the legacy of the weapon to be forgiven and restored and to have Sourball impeached, even when it came at the price of looking to be insensitive and uncaring to the victimised races tragities! But soon after, during the time where Qui was given a due trail, a miricle had Sourball to be reveiled as the Terrorest benifiting monster he is and the legacy of this weapon has restored... Albeit, it still face restriction to only millaterry use and had to be modifived so only THE MILLATERRY can actselly use it and not vigilanties or even fanactics so it can truely be back to being Terrorists' worse nightmare again.

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