Mo Tong

Mo Tong is a friend/"Pet" of Fu Xi , and assisent to Lady Su Ming Cao, a vison cauldron viewer and an accoplised healer, and part of a deminished cult of Fu Xi's followers and the closest things to Fu Xi ever trusting leggers. Mo Tong was the co-founder of the Cult of the snakes with Su Ming, trusted by the dragon gods to educate and correct the populus about the untrueities of the steriotypes about "Evil" snakes. Cause of this, everyone trusted and appresiated Fu-Xi for what he did for the village and all of china. Mo Tong was once rotinely abused by monitor lizard bandits for being a "Pipsqeauk", and sometmes, it resulted in the cuts he has on his ear (See image), that is, when Fu-Xi was still recently new, he saved Mo Tong from the monitors, and earned his appresiation and gratitude, even dispite of the imfamous relationship of rodents and snakes. He go involved with the dragon god prestess Su Ming Cao to found the cult of the snakes, and togather with an eventual few extra members, began their quest to prevent Snake-phonbia... However, the likes of Su Su Ka-Boom and his Anti-Snake Mongoose clan, spread lies about snakes that the Cult worked hard to prevent, which lead to the massicure of Fu Xi's family, and then eventally, a grosume attack on the Cult. Mo Tong, Su Ming, and a few others were able to escape, thanks to a broken hearted, but still brave Fu Xi... but it came at a price. Su Su smacked Fu-Xi in the head so hard, it forever damaged what sense of judgement (and mental sanity) Fu Xi had left, turning into, basicly, the vengeful jerk he is today. Enjoying a cold hearted victory, Su Su and his xenophobic mind-slaves left Fu Xi for dead, allowing the surviving cult members to rescue him in secret. Fu Xi was safefully revived to full health, but Fu Xi is darkly determined to get his revenege on the leggers, that the cult were helpless to stop it. Eventally, the events of Serpent's Tooth in the Legends of Awesomeness show was what further ruined Fu Xi's sanity. He still has his usual personally, only now, he also has partcally the personally of Vegeta of the Abriged Dragon Z series made by Team4star. Fu Xi's an EVEN bigger jerk now, and has taken to treat Mo Tong like a pet, even calling him "Sqeaukers". It made Mo Tong, uncomfertable, but he had to endure, knowing well this was still the serpent who saved his life... Just, alittle out of wack.... Eventally, the fates of the Lougers and Fu Xi will be more interwine then not even his vison cauldron could forsee. Either way, this will set him on the course to a higher calling among the High Council.

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