Mohatu was the first king of the Pride Lands long ago and the father of Askari and Makena. His only known appearance is in The Brightest Star. His lineage gave birth to Mufasa and Taka as well as their father Ahadi.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, more specifically the past of The Pure Hyenas, Mohatu allied with them to fight off the Shadow Hyenas lead by the hyena tyrant Mwongo, but also had previously been in a war against Kifo, a cruel barbaric lion tyrant that ruled Africa with fire, bloodshed, and black magic. But he did it an outdated barbaric method, and after seeing the error of his ways upon death, he urged his children to make a better kingdom, and is now a member of the Great Kings of the Past alongside his descendants. Yet his actions were too unspeakable for him to even be mentioned, regardless of the time period he lived in.

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