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This is a list of all the moisodes made by Scroopfan throughout the ages.

Original Crossover Series

S(Season) M(Moisode)

SpongeBob and Friends Adventures

Season 1- The Beginning

When everyone's favorite Nicktoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, started to have adventures beyond his own world after the events of his movie, he ends up becoming the best thing to happen as he soons becomes a great hero in the battle against a raising darkness and prevent the return of an ancient threat, and all the while becoming a guardian for a certain Kingdom Hearts character.

Season 2- Coming of Age

The Shell Lodgers have become a recognized force to the forces of evil, and a symbol of hope for all who live under the light. Almost everyone in the UUniverses know the name 'Shell Lodge Squad' now. However, evil has a bad habit of always coming back with new challenging game plans. When the Villain League started to behave more like a goverment instead of the criminal organization they really were, things become depressingly troubling for everyone's favorite characters when, for a mysterious reason, they make him wanted for interfearing in League affairs. It makes no sense why they did this, but they know that something is wrong, and is coming for them.

Season 3- Things Go Downhill

With the Villain Leage still behaving like a goverment, and now with discovery of other villain teams like Team Nefarious and The Fang/Dragon Scourge Empire, as well as some new pony friends, things get even more difficult when at some point in time, the mysterious evil behind the League's odd behavior makes itself known. Evil has a new face, and it's that of the mysterious, thought-to-be-already-destroyed Xehanort. Who knows what disastrous tricks he's up to?

Holiday Specials

Spyro and Friends Adventures

Season 1- A Dragon's Heart

These adventures take place inbetween stories during the main SpongeBob Adventures series. They continue the Lodgers' endless struggle to make sense of the League's strange behavior, and overall, maintain their ability to keep the worlds safe from darkness. It also has it's own plot to it. Spyro is learning to embrace a difficult role as leader when SpongeBob is busy with an un-canon SpongeBob series made by another user, and thus, leaves Spyro with his own crossover series.

Season 2- Purple Destiny

Season 3- A Dark Purple Shade

This season takes place after the Spirted Away adventure when Xehanort has been discovered. The battles against darkness have never been more conflicted. Spyro is targeted as a potential Seeker of Darkness, having been deemed worthy of a sinister plan for a clash between Light and Darkness. Spyro must regain a good enough heart to refuse this evil plan, and all the while prevent darkness from spreading.

Holiday Specials

SpongeBob and Friends Chronicles

Season 1- Tales of Heroism

from Icky's mistakeful loan to the showdown with Latifier. This is mainly just tales of the lougers battling against evil outside of the already troublesome Villain Teams: the noticeable growth of Indie Crowd Villains. A Mutant Frog, A Dictator from another universe, A sadness eating spirit, an evil ancestor of our favorite bat lougers, western outlaws, a rattlesnake, a corrupted brother of Crane, A nasty Vulture Critic, B.O.B. becoming a monstrosity, A vengeful leader of a formerly functioning legion of villains from another universe (supposedly), revolting turkeys, An Elk Lich, An evil ringmaster, A vengeful victim of his own bad luck, and a former las vegas magician are just among the problems the lougers face along with their already still on-going battles against the villain teams. It also contains Icky being an idiot with loans, a story about Tyro, a blueish dragon Spyro and Kairi are "connected" too, A nerd turn-super genius, examples why a sex slave trade is bad, a troubled mutant lizard, a renegade sister of Viper, examples of when High Reunions go wrong, invasions of hornetish musquitos, and overall, just examples of the Louger's presence as heroes, as sometimes imperfect as they may be, and much more then we could be able to add in the description.

Season 2- Secrets in Darkness

From The First encounter with Captain Blot to the most epic rescue to the Lougers' allies against an extremist rat rights fighter, the complicated adventures of the Lougers becomes more noticeable wherein certain episodes, they become curious of growing secrets in the darkness. Spyro learning horrible details of his kind's legacy, a hidden plot by a mysterious foe from the past, The truth about who Darkness Qui really is, the motivations of a delusional and xenophobic pony named Pred Judu Des, A tragic truth of Celestia's unconventional motivations, and most of all, Xehanort's strange behavior. All the while, the trouble doesn't fall short. A crew of misfit psyco pirate animals and mythical creatures seeking a treasure of a supposedly mythical keyblade weilding pirate overlord, a mutant shark with a dark history, a park filled with malfunctioning robot dinosaurs tainted by Qui's new ally, a gang of thugs with an odd hatred for sponges, a cursed duo of overly attractive thieves, a foul-tempered cyberconnected dragon senator, an oil tycoon with more to him then what is steriotypically believed, a tyrant from a planet of Icky's spieces, several misguided super-powered goverment figures, a malfuntioning video game, a jealious nefew of Celestia and tragicity stricten allies, a pacsifist darkspawn, an old foe of a foul-tempered cop, a vengeful teenage bitch from Twilight's past, a brain-pod lawyer, a cancer patient who mutanted into a vampire, alternate universe space pirates and a rotten anti-pirate governer, a darkspawn with a rare complincated mental illness, a jerk-off xenophobic viking, a vengeful assassin griffin, a good cop gone bad, an army of sentient heartless and a tainted Night Fury, a tragic mother deer turn violent cause of idiot rednecks, Rat Pirates, and more then even what is shown. It also includes an episode based on the original start of the original star wars series, Batty coping with the loss of Robin William's unexpected departure, Hiccup's new position as leader after another unexpected departure of Stoick, the lougers knowing more of the history of the universes and the worlds they're in, as they get many new allies along the way and continue their quest on keeping villains from screwing the universe up.

Season 3- Wrath of the Architect

Season 3A- Beginning Saga

Season 3B- New Lodger Beginnings-Friendship School Saga

Season 3C- The Architect Saga

Season 4- New Tales of Heroism

Season 4A- The New Starswirl Era

The New Starswirl Era Part 1.
The New Starswirl Era Part 2.
The Next Cosmic Quest.

Season 4B- Countdown To The Storm

Season 4C- The Storm Clan Part 1

Season 4D- The Storm Clan Part 2

Season 5- Shell Lodgers Gone Wild

Season 5A: Storm Clan Clean-Out

Season 5B: Out with Old Problems, In with New Ones.

Season 6- Timed Out

Season 6A- Dimensions of Trouble

Season 6B- Timing is Everything

Season 7- Two Arc Trouble

Season 7A- The Union of Independent Systems Saga Part 1

Season 7B- The Union of Independent Systems Saga Part 2

Season 7C- The Dark Order Saga

Season 8- The Days of Hivemind University

Season 8A- Louger Business As Usual

Season 8B- Hivemind University Saga

Season 9- Dark-Foreboding Era Part 1

Season 9A- A Path To Change

Season 9B- A Foreboding Turn of Events

Season 10- Dark-Foreboding Era Part 2

Season 11- Dark-Foreboding Era Part 3

Season 12- Things Become Gloomy

Season 13- Countdown to the Great Cycle (Season Being Repurposed)

SpongeBob and Friends New Chronicles

Season 1- Cycle-Aftermath (Being Re-purposed)

Season 2- Things Turn Crazy

Season 3- The Might of Heroes

Season 4- The Fellowship of Heroism

Season 5- Twists and Turns

(The revising will be dealt with when we can get to the episode.)

Season 6- The Battle Against Chaos

Season 7- The Crumble of the Dragon Army

Season 8- Rise of the Guild of Thunder (Re-Purpose)

Season 9- Thunder and Lightning Wars (Re-Purpose)

Season 10- The Uniter Wars

The Divergent Timeline Episodes.

In light of that MLP Season Nine has deminstraighted a very radical shift in tone, the Divergent Episodes will be made in reverence to Season Nine Episodes for the likely-hood that they would offer extremely radical changes. Also, to basicly take some note of X-OvrLuvr's standards for Punch Time Exploders, the episodes will be given their own page. In fact, the title is being made a link to them. The same will now apply to SAF-Super as well. Not just that, but they will also be episodes that'll breath new life to certain rejected or lost drafted ideas.

Spongebob and Friends Chronicles Super (The Rebooted Series)

Since the events of Deadpool Reboots the United Universes, Deadpool and the Lougers single-handedly prevented the Thunder Guild from ever happening, prevented the rise of he Mothron Emperor that caused the Uniter Wars, and setted things back to the aftermath of the Dragon Army's downfall, but without undermining the events that came along with the following last three seasons of NC since that event, including the AUU's and Kratos' newfound changes and that of episodes not related to The Thunder Guild Nor The Mothron's resurgence. However, the Unversed Rebirth Regime are still out of about, and the Lougers still need to contend with them, along with new and old challnages that have arrived with this new rebooted adventure.

(Episodes coming soon)

Off-Wiki Comic Stories Material

(These are now in their own page because of how big it's getting)

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