Molah C.Q. Erexorce, AKA Molah the Huge, is an Alternate UUniversal Tetralla from Planet Nivilsara. He is a four-armed ape who was the head of a group of outlawed-weapon smugglers who is a personal enemy of Vancer Lancer. Dispite looking like he's nothing more then a mere thug, pretty much resembling a generic henchmen archtype no less, he's greater then his appearence would suggest. He and his smuggler crew are infamous for smuggling all kinds of weapons, specialising in illegel ones, espeically from the long-banned Qooler line, which Molah still uses to this day. He has had tie-ins with the Olloyan Death Gang once or twice as a means of supplying his smuggler-group-turned-semi-bandits and hides on Atlor in an abandoned Qooler Munitions Facility hiding from the law. Vancer has managed to capture him time to time, but because of Molah's father like relationship with his henchmen, even Oranos does little to keep him away forever, espeically since the cold is no longer an issue now that the prisons are in AFT states. Vancer doesn't mind it too much other then concerns of operations being operational again, as he has lots of fun during the many times he fought him, considering him his 'favorite punching bag'.


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