Mongy H. Hyaena is a Hyaenadon horridus who lives in Zootopia's underground prehistoric utopia known as Dinosica. He is the agent and care-taker of Queen Para, the most famous pop-star visionary of Dinosica, and has a secret crush on her despite so many people including his Dinictis friend Denny Dent's views of inter-species relationships, even when they're a Ceno-Meso relationship, something of which is described as weird as homosexuality. He looks after Para like she's his daughter, and considers her 'easy prey, no pun intended' to so many criminals in Dinosica. He even had a rival in the form of a Deinotherium named Devon Trunkshem who wanted to be Para's agent instead of Mongy and is now owning a rival music company with his own visionary singer in the form of a high-popping Procoptodon female and former wrestler and kick-boxer named Jesha Copper.


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