Monitor Prasonus

Monitor Arrex Csorro Prasonus

Monitor Arrex C. Prasonus is an Alternate UUniversal Original Ohrugan from Planet Ohrugon. He is the semi-aged commander of the Ohrugans' main military force, the Ohrugan Ranger Core, and keeps himself alive and fighting with life-extension serums because he feels that he needs to uphold a grand legacy before he retires. He is also the maternal grandfather of the Ohrugan's president, Lord Sanger Azakith. He keeps a personal case full of Ohrugan life-extension serums to keep him alive just long enough to accomplish his goal, and as a monitor, he wears Monitor-Class Chursepharror (Ohruganese for 'Adaptive Skin') Nano-Armor which is capable of automatically being assembled by command of those that wear the undersuit, and provides environmental accommodations through the nanites that control the armor, and provides many other functions such as a ferro-liquid communication watch. He also wears Ohrugan techno-lenses on the surfaces of his eyes that give him enhanced vision.


Monitor Prasonus Full-Armor

Prasonus in Full Nano-Armor

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