Monster Birgade Symbol

Monster Birgade Symbol.

The Monster Hunter Brigade is a military-like taskforce that was created by Senator Tricorn during her unsureness for monsters which eventally turned into straight-up hatred following her transformation to a cyborg. Lead by the de facto leader Monz Star, this taskforce has been tasked mainly with searching for the monsters of Spookavania ever since a rookie named Craig Vesling quit following his discovery that Tricorn and Monz were intending monster genocide. Outside of the Major members, the rest of the birgade resemble Clayton's ThugsHorned King's soldiersHook's PiratesShan Yu's Huns, and most commenly, redesigns of The Villain leage shocktroopers.


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Major Members

The Brigade has many major and minor members, and actually has an entire army of soldiers twice as numerous as the largest army you can think of. In MHB customs, the superior soldiers are given enhancements that allow increased strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and a sixth sense that allows omnipresent detection of monsters combined with enhanced hearing and smell. Each soldier is given weapons with equipment and ammunition designed for a specific monster such as magic-based ghost rounds that can send ghost targets to the afterlife, silver and gold bullets for werewolves and vampires, and a variety of explosives and melee weapons. There are many major/minor members, but here are some of the most prominent: 

Because Monz was impressed by how the Vikings ot Berk managed to tame dragons, he made simular looking teens from a different tribe in berk go through the same progress, only with mixed results. Obviously unlike what they're simular too, they aren't very good of entirely earning the dragons' trust and Burp is still beginning to fully realise it. While they don't exactly trust monsters, they're not straight-up evil and mainly only obey Monz's orders out of reluctence and because Monz has higher athority and that Tri-corn is not kind to disobeyers.

  • Burp- The leader of a small MHB division from Berk who were trained to ride dragons to serve in he MHB. Though not a second-in-command of the MHB itself, he is still a major member that has yet to prove his worth of gaining enhancements. He rides Heartless, who was captured by Monz and some helpers following his de-corruption, and sharing a relationship akin to Hiccup and Toothless, though with Heartless still being haunted by his past and Burp is unable to understand it.
  • Aster- The skilled combatant of Burp's team. She is Burp's ex-girlfriend who has yet to earn a high rank. She rides a Deadly Nadder named 'Hurricane Air', who surprisingly give Aster full-on affection much to her annoyance and lack of showing proper respect.
  • Snapper- The brains of Burp's team. Though he can be semi-dimwitted, he is also intelligent in monster lore and physiology. He rides a male Gronckle named 'Lughead' who is extremely lazy even for Gronckle standards and ends up sleeping even in flight.
  • Phlegm- The brawns, and sometimes loudmouth, of Burp's team. He is sometimes a major jerk and idiot even to Burp. He claims to not be afraid of any monster often to the point of being proved wrong. He rides a Monstrous Nightmare named 'Inferno', named in honor for it's ability to ignite it's body. It has a surprisingly mischievous nature of always setting Phlegm's butt on fire when it is being rode on.
  • Nutter and Gutter- The demolition expert twins of Burp's team. They are extremely rivaling siblings who are often dimwitted and enjoy watching explosions. They both ride a Hideous Zippleback with each head being named 'Gas' and 'Blast'. It surprisingly gets along well with Nutter and Gutter, but not without the creature being humanly aware of their stupidity and antics and actually roll their eyes in annoyance.

Minor Members

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