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Monte Horace Berg

Monte H. Berg is an Indonesian coelacanth from SpongeBob's world. He is a paleontologist, and former partner to his brother Leven Berg until they bickered over what they should do for their research on lifeforms of the 'Subterra' variety, or that of which consists of wildlife like that of Rraarg and many other fictional species among the SpongeBob world which are mysterious, living for years within a coral forest of massive bamboo coral, organ pipe coral, staghorn coral, sea fans, and a colorful jungle of mazes and surprises which they discovered is actually a sanctuary of prehistoric living fossils they have come to study for decades. While Leven is intending to study them for the good understanding of the pursuit of knowledge, Monte was very different as he believed that this information could be used for more inventive uses, which was a very deadly risk that caused an argument leading to the two ending their partnership. She has since been swearing to make his dream a reality before Leven could do so for his own. He seeks to take advantage of everything he discovers within this subterranean sanctuary, and has 16 pet Flabellina iodinea nudibranches which are much different than Puffy Fluffy, and their acts of almost killing SpongeBob when he and his friend defeated Monte and protect Rraarg made him realize at last how dangerous nudibranches were among other pets and realize his stupidity among Gary. His nudibranches are naturally fond of eating sponges as it is part of their diet, and they can hunt in coordinated formations, as they are a family of a mother and father, and 14 pups which were all born 7 at a time from each of the hermaphroditic parents. They serve Monte well as he took them away when the two brothers separated, and they reproduced not too long after he left.


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