Monty Z. Star is a human who is the de facto leader of Tricorn's monster-slaying task force, the Monster Hunter Brigade. He hates monsters as much as Tricorn, except he has a worse reason of hating them that he refuses to tell to even Tricorn. He has despised monsters and vowed to destroy monsters since that unknown time. As the leader, the MHB's customs require he have the same abilities as MHB superiors: enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, as well as a sixth sense that allows him to sense monsters from far away. Craig Vesling was by far his favorite rookie and decided to enhance him for his skills and determination, which didn't play well with him when he abandoned the Brigade. He saw Craig as a threat to the Brigade's goals, and has been his main enemy ever since, and the two have fought and survived since the two were evenly-matched despite Monz having greater experience in fighting.


Monz was born in San Francisco to a middle-classed family and 3 older brothers. Out of all the children, Monz was tecnecally the most tragic of them since he was abused by his brothers. They were abunch of sadist fuckers who tortured him out of malice when they were watching horror movies, their favorite genre, just for the sake of being cruel to a "Unwanted Addition", and constantly forced him to watch every horror movie released, even going as far as strapping him to a chair, taping his mouth shut and his eyes opened throughout the whole movie, forcing him to witness every grotesque detail, which varies on more subtle horror movies to the kind that are unafraid to use more 'graphic' scare tactics. It endlessly traumatized him to the point where he developed an unhealthy fear of monsters. And it helped little that he was from a world that's suppose to doubt their existence. And what made it worse was that even his parents didn't believe him because the brothers were nice around them.

Monz had grew up poorly ever since. He grew to hate Halloween, as well as horror in general. He even hated kid-friendly monster movies. It helped little that his claims of the brothers' antics were still not doing anything and instead constantly got him in trouble. His three brothers eventually became friends with like-minded bullies who also liked horror. They always teased him with scares, and once again nobody believed him. But what changed him forever was when a local monster-themed pizzeria called 'Dracula's Fang-tastic Pizzeria' opened and was considered a hit with kids, leading to the brothers and bullies deciding to bring him there for fun. Fearful, Monz tried to convince them out of it through his parents, but once again they didn't believe him, thinking it would be a good way for him to get out of his fears.

Thus, nothing could prevent his trip to the pizzeria. They dragged Monz into it and forced him to look at the low-budget animatronics of no obvious threat level which terrified him. Then it got worse as the brothers and bullies decided that they should make Monz give the animatronic Dracula, which had a upper part of the head that goes up and down, 'a kiss', and by then, stuff his head onto the mouth of the animatronic. They did it, and for a while it was amusing to them. Then Monz got stuck in it and started to give blood-curdling screams until the pressure was too much for the animatronic, then it crushed and severed his frontal lobe. The Brothers and bullies were shocked at what just occurred, and with too many witnesses including the frightened children, shocked parents of the children there and the employees, they were all arrested for child endangerment. They were then sent to jail with plans for military school.

Monz was sent to the hospital afterwords. Monz meanwhile began to exspearience the less tragic side of his story: Gone was the poor boy who was tortured to fear monsters. Without his frontal lobe, he ended up becoming mentally xenophobic. That bite caused him to be without fear, and without fear, only hate has festered on.

Eventally, Monz became a homeless bum because he kept screaming about monsters that made him unable to get a job cause, everyone thought he was deludional. Monz was eventally aducted by aliens and then was probed. After doing such, the aliens desided to drop him off in another world as part of "resherch". He was taken and dumped into the dragon realms. There, he ended up meeting Tri-corn, who had a concern about monsters, of which Monz made those concerns worse by saying his beliefs. As a result, he founded the MHB with her, discovered about Spookivaina, found many monster hunters as possable, and has been aiming to hunt down Spookivainia ever since.


Monty is a semi-aged human with a black-and-indigo suit like Craig's, only with more armored features, and he carries an obsidian-colored blade as well as two pistols. He has black hair, and he has an eye-patch covering a scarred eye.

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