Morco Qoncuid

Morco Xico-Tico Qoncuid

Morco X.T. Qoncuid is a Alternate UUniversal Barmaset from Planet Uridia. He is a saber-toothed bear-like rat with a Spanish-like accent who is a well-known gambler, transporter, trader, smuggler, looter, and arms dealer who is one of the many members of the Beofynzeny System's top weapons vending family business owners known as I-Qon Weapon Vendors, which was later renamed Morco Munitions, and manages many weapon vending devices and does a lot of weapon deals throughout the Beofynzeny System. Living in his hometown of Old Haven, he is the last of his family line who raised many people and mercenaries as if they were his own children after his own family was killed by bandits. But they were all killed by Awesome Jaxtom following his takeover of the Armatage Corporation. Thus, he went in the shadows as a resident of the lawless trading market town of Fyregem. He is a merchant with next to no morals, and is also extremely aggressive towards his rival arms dealers of Jaxtom for going as far as to have them killed or have their stock burned because of what Jaxtom did to his orphan family, and also has a very strong 'no refunds' policy, shooting someone for wanting a refund for a defective gun. Despite this, he is not above thanking people who do things which turn out well for him. Despite his aggressive business dealings, Morco is shown to be very acquainted with the Vault Seekers, as the top ones are his eight best adopted children, and thus thinks of them as his new family, offering all of them a place to stay in Fyregem after remembering the vow they made to reunite if the 88 Vaults he told them about turned out real. Despite his family business' popularity, his current affiliations are unknown, although he maintains a mercenary outlook on life, which has him dealing frequently with his newfound friends and family. He sells weapons throughout the Beofynzeny System not just for the cash, but also so people can have something to stay alive with. Despite his family's numerous weapon vendors and advertisements for his business, it is said that he is in fact 'unauthorized' to sell weapons in the system because of the I-Qons becoming decommissioned into black market status since Jaxtom brought in new propaganda and vendors, causing the business to be limited to only the lawless regions. As their surrogate father, he transports many of the Vault Seekers throughout their adventures on his trusty bus which is armored to withstand hostility throughout the hostile lands. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Marcus Kincaid, and has the same personality.


Morco was born to arms dealers on Planet Uridia in Old Haven. They were all well-known gamblers, transporters, traders, smugglers, looters, and arms dealers as the Qoncuids were the ones that founded the Beofynzeny's weapon-trade system, the I-Qon Vendors. But this was originally an underground illegal black market business. Growing up, Morco wished to publicly announce this business, but his family always told him that the lawless title of the Beofynzeny System meant that such a thing could be dangerous in the eyes of the authority in the system. But Morco refused to give up. In his eyes, he didn't see just people who could kill other people, but also the people they're killing. Both seemed profitable to him, and this could help make his family rich and more famous.

So he started to fill his own goals with new ideas and better ways of making that goal a reality. Thus by the time the need for newer weapons was needed, and many weapon companies came in, Morco picked some of the best players: Armatage, which created dominant high-tech weaponry, it's competitive rivals, Huncus, which created cheaper versions of Armatage guns, Magtury, which created elemental guns that used lasers, atomic energy, chemicals, incendiary blasts, cryogenic blasts, electricity, disintegration, lava, radiation, gamma rays, and so on, Krooger, which made guns with high rate-of-fire and extended ammo count, Trumper, which made guns of focused armor-piercing energy blasts, Xoothos, which had guns of concentrated lasers of many kinds, DeVult, which made holo-guns that could reload digitally or can be used as self-destructing and digitally-reviving throwing projectiles, Worch, which made lightweight guns with light anti-armor blasts, Loadmeyer, which had guns with rapid-firing blasts and adaptive tech-aiming scopes, Spaethan Arms, which produced solar-powered firearms that convert solar energy into any kind of offensive energy, Eoxwell, which made explosive projectiles, Cypherion, which created not just the high-tech machines and robots in the Beofynzeny System, but also created smart guns and smart projectiles, Dohl, which created heat-seeking projectile guns for quick self-defense, Atler, which excelled in smart aiming, firing, calculating, and digital adaptation, Eudoxus, which was revolutionary for creating energy guns that expells it's own overheated energy in it's energetic bolts, and Jomoter, which despite not having a huge budget can create makeshift cheap energy weaponry.

All 16 corporations and their leaders: CEO Clinton Armatage, CEO Atrick Osse Huncus, CEO Laevas Magtury, Mister Justace Krooger, CEO Randy Trumper, CEO Avry Exses-Xoothos, Presidentress Wender DeVult, CEO Jahn Worch, Mister Cevin Loads, CEO Lucas Spaethas, Comrade Tladikov Toxle Hemmer, CEO Havrene Ciphus, Miss Silvys Dohl, CEO Adas Atler, Miss Kerrigan Eudoxus, and Waingomery Jomoter, were all invited by Morco personally on behalf of his family for the chance to dominate the weapon war in the system, and without knowing how he did it, the family ended up getting rich from trading secretly-supplied weapons from each of these companies. Once they found out how he did it, they were never more proud of him.

However, his entire family died to bandit raids ordered by Gozzog the Corporate in an attempt to take over the weapon business so they could have unlimited access, but the Phaseforce drove them out and left only Morco the last one left. He rebranded the I-Qon Vendors name as Morco Munitions, and he returned to Old Haven years later adopting his own children to help him with his endeavors on rebuilding his lost family business, often with help from an estranged scientist and archaeologist named Laricia Tannock. 8 of these people included Rollond, Ierlith, Taya, Troge, Jettle, Samber, Axon, and Zemo. These eight were his favorites because they were enthusiastic, persistent, and very ambitious to help their adopted father in his business, especially when they found what could be his greatest prize: The 88 Uridian Vaults. Though these 8 moved on with their lives after dubbing the Vaults as a fairy tale, but they swore to reunite when they did turn out real. But their efforts were a success as Morco Munitions got off the ground and he molded it into his image. However, reestablishing it from the ground-up required legally-questionable moves including enforcing his policy of no refunds, as well as killing anyone who threatened his business.

As per his beliefs in that both killers and those they kill should be armed, his loyalty in whom he sold his guns to was non-existent. Many of the adopted children that stayed behind to help him as hired guns and so on became employees for his business. However, when Awesome Jaxtom took over the Armatage Corporation's Beofynzeny Branch and annexed the Huncus Corporation's Beofynzeny Branch, all of his employees and adopted children were killed or critically injured and had to move on. After Jaxtom labeled what used to be the I-Qon Vendors as black marketeers and establishing better trades and sales, effectively kicking Morco Munitions into the grasp of the lawless inhospitable territory of the Beofynzeny System, he went in the shadows and became a resident of the lawless trading market town of Fyregem, which became the top destination and living residence of Vault Seekers, or mercenaries who sought the power and potential wealth of the 88 Vaults. Upon hearing that, he contacted Zemo and got all of his friends to reunite in Fyregem, where they would become the heroes intent on taking down Jaxtom, fearing that his control over the Vaults would not be beneficial.


  • "It's a beautiful day on Uridia. Well, apart from the corporate dominion."
  • "Thank you for your patronage! If you shop anywhere else I'll have you killed!"
  • "Armatage spares no expense in making guns that excel in any and every area. They are the kings of high-tech weaponry."
  • "Can't afford anything from Armatage? Huncus has you covered. Huncus may rip off Armatage, or Armatage may rip off Huncus, but you won't care because it's the Value-Brand of weaponry. Cheaper, yet just as effective."
  • "Are basic bolts as lame as bullets? Get a Magtury, and think of all the funniest and effective ways for a person to die. With Magtury, you'll make it into a spectacle for sick and stupid shooters to have a murder boner to."
  • "Krooger guns do one thing really well: Power, extended ammo, and heat resistance! That's three, in one. And honestly, what more do you need?"
  • "Trumper makes guns for professional hard-hitters that surpass anyone's strength. They're heavy, accurate and effective, assuming you're strong enough to hold one! One shot equals BOOM!!"
  • "The Xoothos philosophy is: tech plus ammo capacity equals I WIN! They choose energy and power over ammo and accuracy. 100-shot ammo batteries inside high-capacity magazines pack so much power, you don't need to aim."
  • "Cheap, reliable, lightweight, unpredictable, and incredibly fast reload speeds. DeVult makes an easy-to-use gun that dispenses pain faster. Get it, and dumbfound your enemies."
  • "500% more awesome! Worch has the destructive power to waste even the most armored of foes, and waste them fast, yet stay more active than naught. It's like they weren't wearing any at all, so it makes it much easier to get fun with the trigger."
  • "Loadmeyer! You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bolts faster, smarter, and stronger! It's got it all."
  • "Spaethan Arms have solar powered death, store a lot of energy, have recoil reduction, high fire rate, and it is all thanks to ecological energy. Get Spaethan Arms, and deliver the damage of the Sun on your enemies."
  • "You don't see blood? Eoxwell can explode it out for you. It uses explosive bolts to ensure that nothing on your enemies remain. It just goes boom, and then there's no more anyone."
  • "Cypherion builds anything that equals perfection into a gun. Offensive tech at it's finest. Get a gun that matches you like you were looking in a mirror to a dimension where everyone is a gun."
  • "Dohl answers the question 'How can I survive without a single blast to the anywhere?'. It's heat-seeking smart bolts allow you to kill quickly."
  • "Atler makes guns that are smart. They ensure that you never miss a shot and, hopefully, they don't talk because you're addicted to guns."
  • "Eudoxus shows that you can turn up the heat in any battle field, via the biggest weakness of any energy gun. It turns it's own weakness into a strength, via making it's victims feel it's own overheating. Make them feel the pain of an overheated gun."
  • "Jomoter shows that you can own any death-maker legally and yet be as easy-to-make as a homemade bomb. The family was cantankerous but they were survivors that went to the top by revolutionizing home security. Jomoter- a family business."
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