Morgue Carnifexes is an Alternate UUniversal semi-sentient Malfil from Planet Animolity. He is a hyena-like barbaric, murderous, and very cruel leader of his Malfil subjects. During the midst of a war against the Cauter leaders of the world itself, he was the commander-in-chief of the Malfil Guard, being the most vicious leader of the kingdom, killing anyone he deems a threat. Though he later on met Scratch, and discovering that they had insecurities within their own kingdoms, aimed to make peace. However, they have ultimately failed, as Scratch's king brother King Leonus failed to listen to reason, having Morgue exiled, and Scratch demoted as leader of the Cauter Guard. Morgue was admonished at this act, as it could be considered an act of war, and thus, he and Scratch declared an act of revenge to force the issue. Scratch killed Morgue's brother Worthius for refusing to respond and heed to Morgue's words, and he in turn killed Leonus in a Crubho stampede, and the two pinned the blame onto Scratch's nephew, Prince Pride. Thus, the two have formed an alliance after proclaiming themselves kings. However, Morgue had trouble picking someone to take his place as leader of the Malfil Guard, and when his best friend, member of a guild of magical Malfils, and second-in-command refuse to heed to this crime, he murdered him in cold blood, and took care of his 17-year-old children, two of them adopted: Zhensi, Bongki, and Hud, raising them to be the new commanders of his guard. However, thanks to the exploits of the Clam Lounge Squadron, the three Malfils discover Morgue's crime, and Zhensi, the biological child of the parent Morgue murdered, swore to take on Morgue herself, ad hopefully awaken a spell that Leonus' friend Sagen specified could be used by her to stop Morgue, and she eventually succeeds, Zhensi and her friends dealing with Morgue while Pride deals with his Uncle Scourge. He is, in a way, an AUU counterpart to Mwongo.


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