Mortal Napper

A Mortal Napper Through the eyes of the Cosmicly Enlighten.

Mortal-Nappers are fly-based Outer Gods that're the Multiverses' greatest relijustus bypassers, and one of the more darker devients. They come in two forms: Their true darker cosmicly invisable black spirit forms, and their meat-puppet hosts in the form of zappy-dressed gentlemen flies. The meat-puppet is used as a lore to lore in it's faverite target: Mortal Beings, into following it into a beautiful paradise in the outer rims of the Multiverse. But really, it's to trick mortals into showing up into the Mortal-Nappers' home realm, The Cosmic Shadowverse, where the true form of the Mortal Napper is in seeable view, cackling madly as the helpless meat puppet gives a sorrowful apology, as the Mortal-Napper starts to feed on the captured mortals' lifeforce, doing it until they become sofisicated fly meat puppets themselves, doomed to be dependent of their dark master's control to uncontrolably do it's bidding to feed on lifeforce. Mortal-Nappers are often dark spirits of negative outer god energy that has taken a form of it's own, becoming what they are. Mortal-Nappers are reviled greatly by the intended outer gods, even though amoral to mortals, because their dark ways risk upsetting the grand design, thus often Xzars or Sleep Reapers go into the cosmic shadowverse to seek a Mortal-Napper down. Often, the spirit itself will be entrapped to the meat puppet to then take to the Hybernation Realm, the ultamate fate for Mortal Nappers and their puppet that'll at least be at peace they don't have to be a slave anymore, all the while taking the other meat puppets to turn back to normal, erased of their memories of what occured, place them in a sleep and send them back to their home inrealm as if nothing happened. The Mortal-Napper's greatest drawback is their own meat-puppet, as it's spirit is intertweened with the doomed slave, often with the puppet helpless to do anything about it.
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