Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse is Mickey Mouse's rival and second arch-enemy in animation, after Pete. Mortimer first appeared in the Mickey short Mickey's Rival and ever since he has been battling Mickey for Minnie's affections. In order to become King of Disney Castle, Mortimer has joined up with the Fang Empire and has become their equivalent to Pete of the Villain League.

Personality and Design

Mortimer is essentially a taller version of Mickey Mouse, and seems a bit more humanlike. Unlike his rival, Mortimer has whiskers, perhaps refrencing how he has a ratlike persona. He has feet the size of Goofy's. Unlike most of the other mouse characters, however, you can see 2 large teeth close together, like a rat. He is usualy wearing jeans and a shirt, but sometimes he also wears a hat. He is said to be Minnie's ex-boyfriend and she possibly left him due to his nature. He is very arrogant and rude, the total opposite of his rival.


Mickey's Rival

In his first appearance, Mortimer was driving by and notice Mickey and Minnie as they were having a picnic. Minnie is thrilled to see Mortimer once again. As soon as Mortimer walks up, Mickey already knows he is bad news just as Mortimer does not like Mickey at all so he attempts to humiliate Mickey and when Mickey shows Minnie how upset he is Minnie states that he is just jealous. Mortimer then tries to impress Minnie by annoying a bull that is over a fence. The plan works until the bull finds a way out. Mortimer rushes and drives away in his car and leaves Mickey to rescue Minnie who eventually remembers why she left Mortimer in the first place.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Mortimer makes an appearance in the direct-to-video film. Mortimer is portrayed as a snooty and annoying boss of the shopping store Mortimer. He is the boss of Minnie and is very civilized and Organized as opposed to other appearances.

Mickey Mouse Works

In this series, Mortimer is once again a main character and main antagonist along with Pete. Mortimer is still competing with Mickey to win Minnie Mouse's heart. One of Mortimer's most villainous role was when he accused Mickey of robbing his house and Mickey was almost sent to jail.

House of Mouse

In the television series House of Mouse, Mortimer gets a role as a recurring character. Mortimer appears many times as a guest and tries to trick Mickey or Minnie into breaking up. In the series pilot episode, Mortimer appears but is seen flirting with Donald Duck's girlfriend Daisy Duck instead.

One of Mortimer's most famous appearance is where he tricked Mickey and Friends into beleiving he was the club's critic and forced everyone to treat him like a prince or he'll give them a negative reveiw which could close the club. Mortimer is foiled when the real critic reveals himself to be Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Role in the series

Mortimer has partnered up with Kaolinite to serve as Emperor Fang's equivalents to Maleficent and Pete. At first, the duo do not appear in the series, having been relegated to the sidelines while the Dark Dragon takes over the reigns from Emperor Fang. But that changes later on after the coup d'tat.

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