Morty the Robot

Morty is an Alternate UUniversal cartoon robot from the decommissioned studios of Cel Toonus. Created during a WWI-like era of the Interwar Period, a period where races fought against each other in a massive civil war due to differences in the future of the AUU, among other reasons, by a cartoonist named Joson Drawsney, Morty was meant to be a good way to heal young minds during the war, along with his organic wife Jubilee and robot best friend Gordy, portrayed as a work robot similar to WALL-E on a mostly-barren fictional planet called Clade who developed a three-dimensional personality and emotions, until events like his series being forced into war propaganda and inevitable cancellation due to Drawsney not wishing to ruin his creations any further since previous changes have dropped ratings, and because he went out of work and lost his family to the war, Drawsney accidentally discovered a magic paint that he used to bring Morty and his friends at their most basic to life to escape the horrors of real life, but in the same manner that created Shadow Blot, he got carried away after finally being completely blind to reality, becoming somewhat of a robot, and when his magic paint tainted the water and anything it could find, Drawsney ended up drowning in the magic blackened paint, leaving his creations with no purpose. Morty remained very optimistic and willing to do anything, but the one most harmed was Jubilee, who left him appalled by his enthusiasm and numbness to reality, as she ended up ruining herself with constant exposure to the tainted magic paint as the world was ruined by the toxified water, and when everyone became monstrosities, came up to take the title of dictator, leaving Morty an outsider feeling the most emotion he ever felt, fictional or not, wishing to have the one he fell in love with, and even Gordy who was kidnapped and tainted by Jubilee, back and heal the destruction of the world.


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