Mother Nature

Seraphina Gaia Natalia 'Nature'

Seraphina Gaia Natalia "Nature"
is a powerful, but mysterious, being who is one of the founders of the Guardians of Childhood, and is secretly the daughter of Pitch Black. Because her lineage with Pitch would be devastating to those she cared about, she has kept this a secret from even the Guardians themselves.


Despite Mother Nature's apparent neutrality, Bunnymund had once remarked that she is quite unpredictable and not always kind. She has her own agenda, being neither good nor evil, because her only purpose in life is to keep nature at bay. She is wise, brave, and self-absorbed with her life-long secret.

Powers and Abilities

As her name suggests, Mother Nature has control over the elements of nature. She can manipulate natural phenomena such as the winds and clouds, and cause hail and lightning. Her presence also imbues leaves, clouds, winds, rain, snow, thunder and lightning.

She is also able to keep herself hidden while she watches people, but some, such as Toothiana and Pitch, can feel her presence.

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