Mother Nature DR

Dragon Realms Mother Nature

The Mother Nature of the Dragon Realms is the embodiment of nature, and just like the Mother Nature of the Rankin-Bass films, is the stepmother of the Miser Bros, North Wind, South Wind, and other personifications of nature. She focuses on life-giving, and nurturing aspects of nature. As the personification of nature, she controls all portions of nature, including plants, animals, weather, earth, air, fire, water, ice, and so on. She is different from the Mother Nature from the movies since she lives in a place called the Oasis of Greenland, and everywhere she goes, plants go spreading everywhere. Despite being a very sympathetic, wise, and reasonable person, she sometimes has a reputation of being very menacing when disappointed or angry, and this is frightening given the abilities she possesses. She is a good friend to the Dragon Realms Santa Claus, and her homeland makes her feel entwined with nature, having beautiful fauna and flora, and it is the only place in Dragon Realms Greenland that isn't a tundra. It is home to not just every known animal in the UUniverses, but every known plant, fungus, bacteria, and protozoa, and even mythological creatures inhabit it, and humans are forbidden in the land. Considering humanity's bad habit of being a bit messy with their progress, it's not actually as unfair as most would think.

Homeland and Forces


Mother Nature lives somewhere in an undiscovered region in the Scoresby Land of Greenland called the Oasis of Greenland. Of course, Greenland is the home of several of her children, stepchildren and friends, like the Dragon Realms Santa Claus's Workshop on Kaffeklubben Island, and the Miser Bros' territories found somewhere in the Greenland Grand Canyon. The Oasis' climate is magically capable of supporting all known life on Earth, and the land is not so easily accessible to certain humans. The capital of the Oasis is the Life Palace, which is where Mother Nature resides with a few villages which contain mostly fairies, nymphs, elementals, gnomes, and elves. Others are present, but are rare. The environment there varies for each kind of living organism. The Oasis doesn't allow technology of any kind because of the damage they can do to the ecosystem, and instead plants magically replace it. The Oasis may be very large, but it is still hard to locate to humans. The community is similar to that of Ferngully, where all plants are equal and magic is the main source of growth.


Mother Nature is not without defense for her precious home. She has an army of gnome police forces and security all lead by their commander, Atlas. The gnomes wield bamboo spears, vine whips, exploding fruits, and slingshots. She also has fairies who do life-nurturing duties around the Oasis, and their magic is required to keep life from dying too soon, all lead by a fairy queen named Nectar. Her Life Palace is extremely large and built out of trees and other large plants. Inside, Mother Nature has all the magic she requires to keep nature in the balance, and to make sure her children and stepchildren don't do anything bad. She has an assistant nymph named Asløg who serves as her maid.

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