I.R.R. Mothlock is a Mothron from Planet Obscuro. He is an infamous war criminal known for not just mind-control war crimes, and is the mastermind responsible for the light and dark seperation of the Rossians. But before that, he was a joke who attempted to push himself and prove a name for himself, as well as trying to prove the benifit of joining forces with villains, or as they would dub, "Minor Servents of Darkness", but nobody took him seriously as he ended up being charged with desertion, abandoning of his post, insubordination, and reckless endangerment of their species, to the point where he was exiled to one of the moons of Ross, where he was found by the Rossians, where he was planning a campaign using them and earning an alliance with other members of his race, but as everything went worse as the Lightflies ending up using the Rossians against them, leaving them to claim half of the power they had in the system. While his entire Mothron support would abandon him out of fear of being harshly punished, he was left to be at the mercy of an agerior Mothron Emperor, who proceeded to exsile him away from Ross to a world where he assumed would never be a problem without the presence of pure darkness, inadvertingly including six of the most loyal rossians to Mothron. Unfortunately, this was not the Mothron Emperor's wisest moves, because he ended up being exsiled on the world of Dreamworks China, a system of which the Lightflies and Mothrons' home system was transported to at the time. He found Pang Bing one day after she discovered her friend Don Minong was forever trapped in the Spirit Realm as she couldn't free him without freeing his permanently-corrupted father, Don Guanlong, as he had taken them and bonded his essence with him and his black marketplace, and thus it was impossible to free him without freeing his father. Thus, Mothlock tricked her into a deal that he promised would allow her to no just free Minong properly, but also free her sisters from the 'Exile Realm', all for an unspecified price, calling it a 'blind agreement'. Thus, Pang agreed, only for Mothlock to use her as a scapegoat for his campaign to redeem himself in the eyes of his race by tricking her into agreeing to sell half of her pure heart, allowing him to convert her memories of this incident into pure darkness which filled the half-empty void of her heart, turning her evil. Thus, Pang's increased power and with it in turn being shared with Mothlock's power, allowed him to turn his six Rossian followers into the Uniter Hunters. He has since been planning for years to obtain the Uniter Blade and prove his worth to his race. He has yet to succeed.


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