Mr. Dodo Esquire
Vital statistics
Title Dodo Bird, Mr. Dodo, Dodo Esquire, Captain Dodo, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male
Race/Species Wonderlandian Dodo.
Faction Shell Louge Squad.

Cynder's entourage. Wonderlandian Navy.

Description "Fine as a chap would be."
Skills and Abilities Resourcefulness, Navigation, Piloting.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Wonderland. Usually an Adventurer.

Alignment Sophisticated but at times ignorant good.
Dodo is a character from the film Spongebob and friends and Alice in wonderland. He is a Dodo bird (presumably the last) that is the frequent traveler of Wonderland. he is a member of the shell louge squad, he became a member to follow Cynder, who she unintentionally became queen of wonderland when Cynder killed the queen of hearts. he is an exert navigator. He is in charge of handling the Caucus Race in wonderland, an event in which everyone runs at an equal pace and in a circle in an attempt to get dry. Dodo is like an ignorant but fun Uncle to the Louge.

Spongebob and Friends and alice in wonderland

Mr. Dodo

Mr. Dodo, the one who looks at the bright side and finds a way to make being ignorant funny.

Dodo is first seen as Alice, with the shell louge squad in tow, is floating on the sea in a bottle. Dodo is seen singing, but when Alice asks him for help, he does not notice her. On shore, Dodo is seen on a rock, organizing a caucus race. This race involves running around until one gets dry, but the attempts are hampered by incoming waves.

Dodo is later summoned by the White Rabbit, when the rabbit believes a monster, actually Alice having magically grown to a giant size, is inside his home. it is there revealed that he and Col. Hathi (who made a cameo with his elephant army) are long time friends, along with Hathi's family. After Hathi refuses to break down the house, Hathi leaves. Dodo brings Bill the Lizard, and attempts to get him to go down the chimney. Bill refuses at first, but Dodo is able to convince him otherwise. However, the soot causes Alice to sneeze, sending Bill high up into the sky. With that failed, he tells the rabbit that she'll eat one of his shrinking carrots (in the real film, he was gonna burn the house down, but Scroopfan thought that seemed cruel, even though Dodo was ignorant, and he thought that having Dodo make an arson attempt will go against him being a member as the Shell Lougers were intended to protect Alice, so he came up with an alternate idea of him saying that she should eat the shrinking carrots.)

He, Bill, The Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, and The Doormouse joined the squad although he and the other wonderlandians at first captured the shell louge squad with intend to execute, they came to their senses (a wonderlandian's idea of senses anyway) and spared them, even joined them when Cynder was crowned the new queen, of which Dodo came up with when he burned his finger.

Other Appearances

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Bigger Mr. Dodo Image.

In Spongebob's adventures of Dinosaur, he comes up with the idea of Iago telling Thundera the rain bird that they are no threat by wooing her. Later in the film, he complains twice about Kron not showing cooperation which he later regrets after Kron dies.

In Spongebob and friends meet Lilo and Stitch, he is shown sailing in the sea during the opening titles singing "A sailor's life is a life for me." and, like he did to Kron in the previous film, complained about Banzai's and Ed's lack of behavior skills, but it's mostly Banzai who lacks behavioral skills, Ed only reacted in retaliation. He later introduces himself and the other lougers to The Grand Council Woman near the end, which she describes the lougers as vigilantes, which Galaxhar tries to use the law to his advantage by telling The Grand Council Woman (Who is unofficially named Vainiana) that vigilantes are against the law and demands the lougers to be arrested and said the punishment is, instead of being in jail, they will have their memories wiped and sent back to their own worlds and Mr. Dodo tells them to make this a memorable moment for Lilo. However, Chi-fu, from Mulan, is sent by Ignitus to give The Grand Council Woman the lougers' legal document papers to change her mind, which she does.


  • " No cooperation. No cooperation at all."
  • " There goes Bill."
  • "By Jove!"
  • " I'm as dry as a bone already."

Quote from Spirited Away

  • "Gooooood Morning, Japaaan!!!! It's another worknight at the Bathhouse for you workers out here, and the customers will be very anxious to be washed. So let's get out your herbal bath tokens and scrubbers, and get to work! Oh, and by the way...Help!!!!!"
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