Mr. Educater

Mr. Educator the Bay Cat

Mr. Educator is a bay cat who is bluntly an obvious ripoff of the Cat In The Hat, and the owner and president of the Educated Bureau Against Violence Association (EBAVA for short) who gathered many educational character ripoffs to stand against violent shows being more favored to kids and parents than educational shows that keep taking a back seat to shows considered 'entertaining', 'awesome', and 'not boring'. Because of years of being panned in his youth for prefering shows like Sesame Street over 'Awesome' violent shows at the time, he was dedicated to prevent the world from becoming 'cold and mean' by becoming an educational character himself and has been calling himself 'Mr. Educator' so much that he has long forgotten his real name and has no intentions to regain it in fear of being panned again. He once tried to win over Prox Studios to host his show The Educator Corner to the former owner at the time who was about reluctantly accept until Director Proxy, a strangely sentient dummy who's creator was unknown at the time, came and pitched Dummiez 101 to the original owner, outshining Educator and leaving his show unable to be hosted by them. Educator has since fallen into obscurity with no reputation instead of being a violation to one of Dr. Seuss' most famous characters (which was a well-known insult he had been given for years), and he founded the EBAVA and swore revenge by 'teaching violent shows a lesson they won't soon forget' and has also gained plans to make the world more child-friendly, disposing of the world's violence for good. But this has earned him infamy since the EBAVA's actions are considered against the law due to infringing people's freedom of speech. He has a bad habit of saying 'Mmmkay' a lot like a certain South Park character, which ironically is from a violent show, yet he denies the comparison.


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  • "What is wrong with people, Mmmkay? I just wanna make the world a friendlier place, Mmmkay?"
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