Mr. Klutz

Mr. Lamar Robby Klutz

Mr. Lamar R. Klutz is a Pelican who was born in the Rescuers' world, but he and his father were relocated to Wonderland due to Klutz' father developing a mental disorder that caused him to murder his own wife, which was said to be due to an oil spill. Klutz was never aware of this until he was 19, where he decided to leave his hometown to get a job in the Navy, and even though his clumsy nature lead him to become a janitor, he actually went up the ranks to become a captain of his own ship. Over time, he retired to take up other sailing careers like pirating. He is an old friend to Mr. Dodo. His clumsiness can usually get the best of him, as well as his limited intelligence.


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